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Brazil : 

Brazil “Ordem E Progresso”

Brazil - The Basics : 

Brazil - The Basics 1500 - 1815 - Colony of Portugal Imported slaves from Africa Exported Sugar Native tribes blend in Population: 190 Million People Males: 69 Females: 76

Physical Characteristics : 

Physical Characteristics 5th largest nation in the world 1/2 of South America Amazon River Amazon Basin - extreme rainfall Supports rain forests Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean

Industry : 

Industry Major Exports: Iron ore, coffee, timber, tobacco Mining & farming done in Amazon River Basin Major Import: Crude Oil

Brazil’s Economy : 

Brazil’s Economy Economy has brought wealth to many Brazilians 1/5 of Brazil’s people live in poverty Major cities surrounded by favelas favelas - slum areas No running water or sewage systems

Environmental Issues : 

Environmental Issues Largest rain forest; highest rate of deforestation in the world Government has encouraged: Mining Logging Farming Worldwide effects! Rain forests regulate Earth’s climate

Brazil’s People : 

Brazil’s People Most speak Portuguese Citizens from 18 to 70 are REQUIRED to vote futbol (soccer) - most popular sport Maracana Stadium - seats 220,000 fans

Unstable Societies : 

Unstable Societies