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When buying a whirlpool path, from choosing the right shape to the type of jets and other functions and accessories, it can be a bit difficult to make the right choices.


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Modern Bathroom Ideas 0116 274 4059 http://www.banyo.co.uk Whirlpool Bath Buying Guide A whirlpool bath also referred to as jacuzzi bath is an ultimate bath solution to bring the luxury of a spa at your own bathroom space. The integrated water and air jets to the sides of the bath create a pressure to provide the comfort of a massage to the aching muscles while enjoying a relaxing soak. When buying a whirlpool path from choosing the right shape to the type of jets and other functions and accessories it can be a bit difficult to make the right choices. Keeping that in mind this buying guide can help you in deciding what type of bath is a perfect suit for your bathroom. Key Benefits of a Whirlpool Bath A whirlpool bath is known for its exceptionally practical features that are not part of any standard bath. The air and water jets with targeted pressure let you unwind the tiredness of everyday routine. With added lights and headrest you can further enhance the level of relaxation. The choice of mood light colours gives you the freedom to create an ambience to combine the effect of chroma therapy to the water massage. Whirlpool baths come with advance tech control and safety features to ensure the prevention of any accidental shock or scalding to the bather. Furthermore a handheld shower can be added to the bath to experience the convenience of a shower and the comfort of a bath without taking any extra space. Choosing bath shape Whirlpool baths are available in a variety of shapes. You can choose the one that suits your bathroom space and design requirements. 1. Straight bath The straight whirlpool bath can fit into most bathroom spaces and themes. They provide a generous space for a full soak. you can choose a single-ended or double-ended straight bath with rounded or angular sides.

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1 straight whirlpool bath 2. Corner bath For a bathroom with limited space you can install a corner whirlpool bath. The triangular shape of the bath fits in the corner space freeing up the center of the bathroom for easy movement and other fixtures. 2 corner whirlpool baths

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3. Shower bath If you like to enjoy a five-star spa with whirlpool bath but also want a quick shower a shower bath can give you the good of both worlds without taking any extra space of your compact bathroom. 3 Whirlpool shower baths Defining Whirlpool experience After deciding on the perfect bath shape and size for your bathroom it is the time to consider a few more options that can totally define your whirlpool bath experience. Many brands offer a range of whirlpool bath with a variety of functions and features. The main feature of a whirlpool bath are the number and type of water jets positioned on sides of the bath. These water jets with the help of a suction plate take water out of the bath and then with a certain speed push back the water with a water pump. The pressure generated through this process gives our muscles the water massage to take away the tiredness of a hectic day. The number of jets installed can be adjusted to offer the preferred experience. When buying a whirlpool bath a variety of models with 8 10 16 24 or more jets are available. Now it is all about your requirements that how many jets you want to attain personalized experience. Furthermore you can add some underwater mood lighting to take your whirlpool bath experience to the next level. The embedded LED lights in a choice of colours are designed to attain chromotherapy can be adjusted to relieve the aching muscles and nerves along with water massage. If you are living in UK and want to get Bette baths ranges with manufacturer warranty then you must contact with Banyo.

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