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Winning in your world

Winning in your world:

Winning in your world Self Evaluation Self Esteem Time Management Goal Setting Personal Development Planning Financial Management Paradigm Shift Leadership

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… it requires your commitment and devotion to yield great benefits for you.

Self Evaluation:

Self Evaluation


Outline Self Evaluation Introduction Self evaluation process Self assessment Self verification Self enhancement Self improvement SWOT Analysis Working on SWOT Framework Personal effectiveness Organization effectiveness

What is self evaluation?:

What is self evaluation?

Self-Evaluation is the process through which an individual seeks to understand and assess the value of its own self.:

Self-Evaluation  is the process through which an individual seeks to understand and assess the value of its own self.

How well do you understand yourself?:

How well do you understand yourself?

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Your skills Interests Personality Values

Does any of these matter to you?:

Does any of these matter to you? Autonomy Prestige Security Interpersonal relations Helping others Flexible work schedule Outdoor work Leisure time High salary


Interest Reading Running Playing games The questions ask about your likes and dislikes regarding various activities.


Personality motivational drives needs and attitudes A personality inventory looks at one's individual traits.


Skills To determining what you're good at, a skills assessment also helps you figure out what you enjoy doing. The skills you use in your career should combine both characteristics. You can use the results of the skills assessment to make some changes by acquiring the skills you need for a particular career.

Self Verification:

Self Verification

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See if your self view (Self concept) is either - + Positive Negative

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JOHARI WINDOW tell 1 2 3 4 ask known by self OPEN AREA BLIND AREA HIDDEN AREA UNKNOWN AREA unknown by self self-disclosure/exposure shared discov-ery others' observation known by self unknown by self self-discovery feedback solicitation

Using it:

Use confirmation of yourself-concept as a way of developing trust or rewarding desired behavior. Using it TRUST

Self Enhancement:

Self Enhancement

Do you feel good about yourself?:

Do you feel good about yourself? Yes or No

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People engage in self-evaluation in view of, not only improving the positivity of their self-conceptions, but also protecting themselves from negative information (they search for positivity and avoid negativity.

Would you like to improve yourself?:

Would you like to improve yourself?

Self Improvement:

Self Improvement Discover your inner treasure

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Everyone has treasure deep within, You are no exception. What people do with this treasure can shape their level of happiness and the direction they go in life.

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If you don't work for something, you will not cherish it.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis

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A SWOT matrix is a framework for analysing your Strengths , Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats you face. This helps you to focus on your strengths, minimize weaknesses, eliminate threats and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available.

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Strength can be defined as qualities that are attractive, have distinguished from the rest and attracted opportunities.

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Weakness A flaw or weak point, a fault or defect. In assessing your weaknesses, think about what current employer might consider to be the areas you could improve upon.

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Opportunity A favorable or advantageous chance or opening

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Threat Negative external conditions that you do not control but the effect of which you may be able to lessen

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths: What do you do well? What unique resources can you draw on? What do others see as your strengths ? Weaknesses: What could you improve? Where do you have fewer resources than others? What are others likely to see as weaknesses? Opportunities: What good opportunities are open to you? What trends could you take advantage of? How can you turn your strengths into opportunities? Threats: What trends could harm you? What is your competitor doing? What threats do your weaknesses expose you to? SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis:

Internal Strengths Internal positive aspects that are under control and upon which you may capitalize in planning Education, including value-added features, Specific transferable skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, leadership skills Weaknesses Internal negative aspects that are under your control and that you may plan to improve Lack of goals, lack of self-knowledge, lack of specific job knowledge Weak skills (leadership, interpersonal, communication, teamwork) Negative personal characteristics (e.g., poor work ethic, lack of discipline, lack of motivation, indecisiveness, shyness, too emotional External Opportunities Positive external conditions that you do not control but of which you can plan to take advantage Opportunities you could have in the field by enhancing your education Opportunities you could have through greater self-knowledge, more specific job goals Threats Negative external conditions that you do not control but the effect of which you may be able to lessen Negative trends in your field that diminish jobs (downsizing, obsolescence) Competitors with superior skills, experience, knowledge SWOT Analysis