Three Reasons Why Meat Should Be an Essential

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Three Reasons Why Meat Should Be an Essential by New Age MMarket


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Three Reasons Why Meat Should Be an Essential Part of Your Diet:

Three Reasons Why Meat Should Be an Essential Part of Your Diet BY


While there are a number of rumors around, which blame meat for one disease or the other, meat is an essential part of our diet. Meat is one of the oldest part of our diet since the earliest humans roamed the earth. Not only is it extremely beneficial to our body's growth, but it is also an essential source of animal fat.

Meat as a Natural Diet for Humans:

Meat as a Natural Diet for Humans Humans have evolved as an omnivorous species. We have teeth that are geared towards helping us chew meat. Ever heard of canines? These sharp pointed teeth help us chew meat. Moreover, our body has inbuilt nutritional needs of proteins that can only be fulfilled by eating meat. In addition to all this, our digestive system is designed as one of an herbivore. Thus, our digestive system is not very well equipped to deal with cellulose-based foods, such as plant fiber. As humans, we have evolved from our ancestors to hunt. This single urge, led us to the development of tools, and helped us evolve our brains to the present condition.

A Good Source of Nutrients:

A Good Source of Nutrients Related to the fact stated above is the undeniable truth that meat is the very high in nutrients. Among many other nutrients, meat contains vitamins such as B12, B3, B6 and many other vital minerals such as iron and zinc. The vitamin B12 in meat is an extremely important component of our daily diet. This is because this vitamin cannot be acquired with a purely vegetarian diet. Another important nutrient that finds its source in meat form grass-fed animals is omega-3 fats. The fats are extremely important for the body and mind. Furthermore, Creatine , Carnosine , DHA and EPA are among those nutrients that are mostly found in animal foods and are vital to body functions.

A Source of High Quality Protein:

A Source of High Quality Protein Meat is a very good source of high quality protein. These proteins are extremely necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Some amino acids needed for making these proteins are not available in the body. These must be acquired from your diet. This is where the role of animal protein becomes evident. Although plants can provide these proteins, the amino acid profile of most plants is sub-optimal. This is why eating meat is often associated with increased muscle mass. This is also true in case of bone health. This is because consuming protein is correlated with increased bone density at later stages in life. Thus, consuming meat can be very beneficial to your health. Considering the factors stated above, it is evident that meat should be part of your diet. However, if you want to avoid eating meat due to religious or ethical reasons, then the nutrients provided by meat have to be substituted from other sources. If you want to buy any of these products in New York City so feel free to visit New Age Market.

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