Magento- Provides The Better Functionality To Build Ecommerce Store

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Magento: Provides The Better Functionality To Build Ecommerce Store Need of Magento for eCommerce More and more brick and mortar business models are transitioning towards the digital business model as according to a study more than 2 billion persons will switch to online shopping by 2021. If you are also a part of such a community you need to know which CMS would be the right fit. Why you should ​hire magento developer to develop your e-commerce platform ● Around 30 of the online stores globally use the Magento platform for doing business.

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● Large conglomerates like Nike Samsung and Ford are using Magento to power their e-commerce platforms. ● Online businesses using Magento around the world on average grow up three times faster than the ones not using it. ● The adoption of Magento by companies has almost doubled during the last two years. ● Magento is on the third position in the list of top 100K sites in the open-source category. Top 10 eCommerce platforms across the globe Why Magento for building an eCommerce store Magento can be considered the solution to all the business pain points. Businesses are finding it difficult to sustain in this cut-throat competition. Let us look at some common challenges faced by online businesses and how Magento can come to their rescue

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Challenge 1 Optimizing Website for generating Organic Traffic All e-commerce businesses rely heavily on organic traffic which can be generated only if their website fetches high ranks in the search results. They need to optimize their website continuously according to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. Magento is the most powerful CMS with in-built SEO features. Magento is continuously involved in white-hat SEO campaigns for better rankings in search results. The URLs generated by Magento are also SEO friendly. It generates Meta tags for individual pages products as well as categories to enhance the page ranking of the website. It also keeps up with the latest trends and best practices in SEO.

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Challenge 2 Difficulties in Integration of Business Processes This challenge is faced mostly by businesses that are transitioning from a brick and mortar model to the digital model. The businesses don’t want to do away with their proven business processes like CRM Inventory Management etc. Magento takes care of the issue of business process integration by providing thousands of plug-ins extensions and third-party integrations for integrating various business processes seamlessly into their website. Magento also supports B2B integration for managing your partners and affiliates effectively. However if none of the plug-ins or extensions gratify the requirement businesses should ​hire best magento developer only to get maximum mileage.

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Challenge 3 Needs for Integrating Multiple Payment Gateways Every business wants to integrate as many payment options as possible to lure a maximum number of customers. But every one of it comes with a price tag that shrivels the profit margin. Businesses using Magento need not worry about this as it supports almost every popular payment gateway. On top of it it also permits the integration of any payment gateway by using third party services. E-commerce businesses needing to integrate a new payment gateway on their site can ​hire magento developer online ​as well.

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Challenge 4 Customer Segmentation and Promotion Another major challenge for business is the need to segment customers region-wise gender-wise age-wise etc. for identifying prospects for targeted advertising. This daunting task can be accomplished by Magento without any fuss. Magento provides the functionality to simplify the segmentation of customers to increase the conversion rate. It also provides all the requisite tools to strengthen your marketing sales strategy with options like targeted advertising coupon codes promotional pricing newsletter management tools for up-selling and cross-selling etc. The icing on the cake is that you can track and analyze these tools to monitor which strategy is working Magento provides countless tracking analysis and reporting tools for monitoring the performance of your website.

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Challenge 5 ​Demands for Integrating Support for Multiple Platforms Devices Browsers A major area of concern for businesses is the incessantly shifting preference of customers in terms of browser device Operating System etc. Websites developed in Magento are responsive and are designed keeping in mind the mobile UX standards. It optimizes itself as per the device used to open the website. Magento also supports multiple browsers and multiple versions of each of them. So Magento automatically adjusts the product image and videos to provide a user-friendly shopping experience irrespective of the device browser version or operating system. This phenomenon of frequently changing preferences in terms of the device is specifically visible in developing countries like India. Businesses having a presence in India can ​hire magento developer in India ​to focus on improving sales rather than customizing the website to support these ever-changing devices/platforms.

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Conclusion If businesses want to focus on boosting their revenues they can go for a full-fledged CMS like Magento which mitigates all their challenges varying from SEO handling business process integration multiple payment gateways different devices etc. to tracking and monitoring their business’ performance. It seems appropriate to mention the feelings of a client of ​Nevina Infotech ​ a Magento development firm here who says rightly about Magento - “Once you have Magento you can focus on the business aspect without worrying about the technical aspect.”

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