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Checkpoints and road blocks, known as “closures”, are a policy of physical barriers and permit requirements used to control Palestinian pedestrian and vehicular movement. The closures are imposed by the Israeli military as a security measure to protect its citizens. These closures severely impact the humanitarian and socio-economic situation of Palestinians in the West Bank.

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West Bank(5,600 km2) Palestinian Built-up areas in the West Bankpop. 2,444,500PCBS 2006 161 Israeli settlements,96 outposts(183 km2)pop. 406,500ICBS 2004 Israeli military closed areas and 27 military bases(1,006 km2) (As of 5 Oct 2006) Please wait while slide is loading

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Israeli Settlements Israeli Military Closed Areas

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In addition to the several hundred fixed closures, random or “flying” checkpoints further restrict Palestinian movement. 455 of these random checkpoints were observed during January 2007.

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*Figures include checkpoints and physical obstacles, data collected by OCHA Number of West Bank Closures Disengagement 46% increase since disengagement

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Under the 4th Geneva Convention, Israel, as an occupying power may apply security measures for immediate military need and specific threat. However, the closure system is collectively applied to all Palestinians throughout the West Bank. For any improvement in the humanitarian and socio-economic situation, the closures must be removed. Photo by OCHA/Steve Sabella

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USE This Power Point Presentation may be used, however, must be accompanied by the date and source. METHODS OCHA oPt has been monitoring the closures since 2003. Our field teams record the obstacles with a GPS unit. These files are used to make maps. The figures are regularly updated. MORE RESOURCES OCHA-oPt documents and maps are available at <www.ochaopt.org> CONTACT Email <[email protected]> Phone +972 (0) 2582-9962 Close the presentation

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