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Network Auto Body:

Network Auto Body Network Auto Body is a family-owned business that holds expertise and specialization in every type of auto body repair Los Angeles from minor fender-bender to frame straightening, denting, color-matching and painting of the damaged car. Our primary goal is to build lasting relationships with our valuable clients in Los Angeles County and we strive to provide professional, top-quality auto body repair and service by using the latest technology, tools and equipment, OEM spares and unparalleled workmanship since 1985.


Different Types Of Auto Body Damage & How To Repair Them It is important that you understand the types of damages that your vehicle undergo and how they can be repaired. Here we have the top 5 issues you must know about. Weather Dents Scratches Collision Paint Issue


Weather : The worst enemy of your car is the weather. Weather will damage your vehicle slowly and you will not even notice. If you will leave the car in the sun for too long its paint will damage. You have to protect the car from rain so that the metal will not be damaged.


Dents : Even if you have not been in an accident your vehicle might suffer from dents because of your or someone else’s mistake. You should take your car to the auto collision repair Los Angeles for the dent removal. If you have the tools you can repair the dents as well. Repair the dents quickly so they will not lead to any further damage.


Scratches : Scratches are the most common enemy of the vehicle. This can happen because you accidentally scratched it with the keys or the kids made this happen. To remove the scratches there are some pens available in the market. You just have to apply the pen on the scratched and they will be removed just like magic.


Collision : Collision often happens in the parking. The vehicle in front or at the back of your car might become the cause of the collision. The only solution for this problem is to take your vehicle to the experts of the Auto Collision Repair Los Angeles. They will know the parts they need to replace and repair so your car will be as good as new.

Paint Issue::

As already mentioned that weather will damage the paint of your vehicle. In the same way, if you will not get the paint job done after a few years, the dull paint will destroy the appearance of your vehicle. It also might start to react with the metal. You should get the paint job done after few years. Paint Issue :

Bottom Line::

Bottom Line : It is important that you pay special attention of your car. If you want the vehicle to serve you for a long time, make sure that you maintain it properly. Take it to the Auto Collision Repair Los Angeles at least twice a year. It will help you to know the parts of the car that require repair or replacement. It will enhance the curb appeal of your vehicle and as a result, if you plan to change your car the procedure will be easy You will not have to pay much for the new one.

Downtown Los Angeles 3917 S. BROADWAY STREET LOS ANGELES, CA 90037 Manager: Richard Neubauer Phone: 323-232-8800 Fax: 323-232-8801 [email protected]:

Downtown Los Angeles 3917 S. BROADWAY STREET LOS ANGELES, CA 90037 Manager: Richard Neubauer Phone: 323-232-8800 Fax: 323-232-8801 [email protected]