Checking Your Vehicle Before Setting On Road Trip

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Checking Your Vehicle Before Setting On Road Trip Spring and summer season are considered as the best time for a road trip the roads are dry the weather is clear and pleasant and driving conditions are safer. You can explore wide open roads as the sun shines on you in all its beauty. You may be planning for a road trip to refresh and rejuvenated your mind body and soul with you friends or family members but before you embark on your journey you need to make sure that your car is ready to take all that any road trip has to ofer to a car. Though theres always a possibility of a road accident and towing your car for a Collision Repair Los Angeles your car should be in excellent condition for optimal safety of its occupants. Ignorance of checking your car before setting on a road trip may prove fatal later on. Here is the list of few things to check in your car. Check All The Fluids: Most car owners do the routine checking of engine oil and transmission oil but there are other oils too that need to be checked for good overall performance. Dont forget to check brake oil coolant power steering fuid windscreen washer fuid so that your car runs perfectly fne without developing a snag in the middle of the road at odd hours. Check Your Tires: Good tires are very important to ensure a safe running and proper grip on the road. Running on bald tires or tires with uneven tread can cause sudden burst of a tire. Bald tires also ofer poor resistance to slipping and in the case of hard braking your car may slip out of control. So make sure that you are not running your car on bald tires before leaving for your destination. Replace them with new tires. Look at Belts and Hoses: Have a look at all the belts and hoses in your car as these keep your cars engine radiator brakes and other components of your car in a good working condition. Make sure to get any loose belts and hoses tightened or replacing worn-out hoses before you head for your road trip. Every belt and hose should be tight and in good condition so that you dont have to left stranded in the middle of the road. Keep Contact Number of a Reputed Auto Body Shop: In case your car meets with an accident and it needs to be taken for auto collision repair Los Angeles you should have the contact number of a reputable auto body shop in your mobile phone so that you can get timely assistance without any delays. It can also provide the towing facility from the spot if your car is not in running condition. Check The Brakes: Check your cars brake shoes and disc pads for their condition. If they are worn out replace them with brand new brakes for better control on the road. Dont wait for squealing or grinding brakes rather check them before they may fail to work at the time when you need it the most.