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Magento is one of the leading names considered whenever a business needs an e-commerce solution. There are lots of features to play with and most importantly, one can customize the Magento as per the business requirements. Read and learn some amazing facts you didn’t know about Magento.


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10 Magento Facts You Didnt Know “Magento is one of the leading names considered whenever a business needs an e-commerce solution in order to build their shopping platform. There are several ways in which Magento is still one of the top e-commerce websites with an open-source structure. ” The scope of Magento development is vast to say the least. It could be difficult to even work out just where to get started. There may be lots of things you didn’t know about Magento that will help you in your business. Wondering what these are Read on below to find out It Has an App That’s Not an App This may not make much sense right now but bear with us. The Magento Progressive Web App has a lot going for it. In fact it’s usually mistaken for a regular app due to its super convenience When you use the Magento Progressive Web app you’ll have push notifications icons on your home screen super-fast loading of pages and the ability to view the platform on a full screen. Think of it as a shortcut much like the icons on your computer desktop. It Has Many Famous Users If you’re using Magento keep in mind that this is the platform used by the likes of Samsung Olympus Nike Ford and several other big names More than 200000 companies use Magento for their business needs. This will give you an idea of just how huge scalable and customizable Magento is. The more you use it the easier it will become to navigate Magento development.

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It Helps You Improve Your Rankings In today’s e-commerce world we may not need much more than a good ranking on a major search engine like Google. If we get on the first page of results when a user types in a keyword relevant to our business we just might get all the traffic we need. This goal is quite hard to achieve but Magento can very well help us get there The framework of this open-source e-commerce solution has a lot of SEO-friendly tidbits all ready to boost a company’s name and site to the top. It also makes sense that Google is familiar with Magento as a trustworthy source thus automatically labeling the companies it supports as credible and relevant. There is No Settling for Monotony Magento offers such a wide range of themes that it should be impossible not to brand your online storefront. What you don’t want is to ignore such a valuable offering. This could be the perfect way to create your own image and develop it for your target market. For instance one site on home décor could get a creative name for the blog link posted on their website. Instead of simply ‘Company Blog’ it could be ‘Musings on Interior’ or something similar. It Helps You Upgrade Content It’s no exaggeration to say that content is king in this day and age. An e-commerce platform should enable you to upgrade your content in a quick and easy manner. Without the relevant input you could stand to lose a lot of customers who feel your site is outdated. If this negative situation occurs you could find your SEO plummeting and revenue going down. The more you postpone such upgrades the more difficult it becomes. Therefore it’s only logical to use the powerful and easy option of customized Magento development. It’s Growing Fast In its very first year Magento managed a whopping 500000 downloads It’s only gone upwards from there averaging around five thousand downloads every single day.

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So if you’re new to this game know that thousands like you are joining in as we speak. Be sure to download it directly from the official website though. Shady sites all over the internet have tried to cash in on Magento’s popularity by posting pirated versions of this platform. These can contain viruses so stick to the tried and true when it comes to Magento. It Can Modernize Your Online Setup An e-commerce site can be highly inflexible and hence a hassle to update or modernize. Magento solves this issue by making its system available. This means that we get to use its features extensions modules and support. We don’t just have a great updating support from Magento in this case but also for a large potential consumer base. Its Use Will Encourage UGC UGC stands for user-generated content. This means that Magento has a place for people to leave their reviews studies and testimonials online. There’s also a way to build up a chatting platform for your customers. This will be highly beneficial for your business as you have access to a whole lot of valuable content without making any extra effort. An added bonus is that this content will also be implicitly trustworthy since there’s no chance of repeated reviews or any other shady content. It will be just users of your offerings trying to help out other genuinely interested customers. It May Prevent Repeated Content Since Magento helps you in creating content it’s also a valuable way to avoid duplicating content altogether. If you repeat content too much you risk being shunned by Google. That’s a mistake that no online storefront can afford to make. Fresh content will make your site more interestingand engaging to your viewers and Google will be more likely to help them get to you. Magento is an old friend of Google’s and knows just what to provide in order to make sure you remain in their good books too

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You Will Need Some Features More Than Others As mentioned before Magento has several features. That doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. It may take some trial-and-error or consultation from an expert but you should work out which features will give you the most benefit. If you have several different products Magento could give your customers a way to compare items with similar prices specifications colors etc.

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