How to setup Netgear wifi extender


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If you are also looking to increase your wifi range then use Netgear wifi extender setup. Netgear range extender provides a wide range of network even over dead spots


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To get good internet connectivity range extender is necessary for every user who uses a router. There are many types of routers that have been used in this modern technological world and the Netgear router is one of them. Sometimes there has been a situation when the speed of the wifi router becomes very slow or it does not meet the range that user needs. To improve the speed of the wifi router the use of Netgear Range Extender has been preferred. The efficiency and performance of the Netgear range extender are quite good. But sometimes it has been seen that many users of Netgear router don’t know how to set up a range extender. To Setup a Range extender is quite easy and simple and our certified technicians have provided some troubleshooting steps that have been discussed below : Netgear wifi extender

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How to setup Netgear wifi extender Turn on the range extender by plugging the cable of the device into a power source Netgear.ext icon will be shown there at the taskbar of your screen click on that icon and then connect with it Open any of your favorite browsers once you make the connectivity At the browser type and press the enter button. The screen will instantly take you to the configuration portal of Netgear. Now select Netgear extender setup and create an account by using the email address of your’s to get register your range extender with Netgear In the next page click on the wifi range extender and search for your router network Choose your main router name and click on next insert the password of your main router that has been used while setting up a router Now user can change the network name and its password in the next page for Netgear extender Click on Next and all the settings that have been applied will be saved. Once settings will be saved restart all devices place the extender near your router. So these are some steps to setup range extender but still if some problem exists then-No need to worry as Netgear wifi extender setup team is there for you 24X7 to help you out. Contact us 1-800-820-3704 Email : supportrouterloginnet-us.