Troubleshooting Steps to Login Netgear Router by WPS Method


Presentation Description helps the users to Login Netgear router for the IP Address Get guidance from our experts if fails to login Netgear router


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TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS TO LOGIN NETGEAR ROUTER BY WPS METHOD TOLL FREE NO-1-800-820-3704 TURN ON ROUTER Switch on the router by connecting the power cable to the electric supply GET LIGHT STABLE A light will blink at the indicator panel wait until it gets stable CLICK WPS BUTTON At the backside of your router WPS Button will be there press it carefully and side by side also click the WPS button of your laptop or computer also WAIT UNTIL DEVICE CONNECTS In Few Minutes all the devices will be connected to the same IP Address. ENTER DOMAIN ADDRESS Now the user can simply Modify other functions of the router by entering the domain Address of Netgear Router. ROUTERLOGIN.NET