All You Need To Know About Stress ECG And Resting ECG

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All You Need To Know About Stress ECG And Resting ECG T o treat different types of cardiovascular conditions it is essential that the problem is diagnosed before the condition worsens. T o meet the needs of medical industry and diagnose cardiovascular conditions in a better way stress ECG electrocardiogram was invented. The invention of this electrocardiography device has immensely helped in analysis of symptoms that are indications for various types of cardiovascular conditions. ECG has immensely helped in detecting and treating heart conditions which were unknown to the humans earlier. ECG Graphical tracing of electrical waves which is generated due to contraction and expansion of cardiovascular muscles that occur during a heartbeat are recorded in electrocardiogram. This machine was invented by Willem Einthoven in the year 1903. In late 1960’s after the invention of computerized electrocardiography this machine turned out to be a breakthrough in the medical world. The computerized version of electrocardiogram has immensely helped in monitoring cardiovascular activities. The detailed medical reports that this machine can create has been immensely helpful in diagnosis of severe cardiovascular conditions. Nowadays many other technologically advanced versions of this medical equipment are available in market. One of the most popular variant is Stress ECG which is connected to a treadmill or stationary cycle.

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Stress ECG Stress ECG is also known as stress test because the patient has to either pedal a stationary cycle or walk on a treadmill during the test. This machine consists of a holter monitor system which analyzes and measures the functioning of heart while the patient is exercising. There are certain cardiovascular conditions that can only be detected when patient is physically active. A light exercise like walking or cycling can cause a rise in the rate of heart’s activity which is essential to diagnose few types of cardiovascular conditions. Stress ECG helps in gathering information about the activity of heart when the patient is accomplishing a light exercise which is essential to detect few types of cardiovascular malfunctioning and disorders. Resting ECG A resting ECG is performed before a stress ECG in order to compare the results of both tests. This scrutiny is necessary to diagnose certain types of cardiovascular malfunctioning. Resting ECG is necessary because it helps in assessing the medical condition of patient. It also helps in assessing whether he/she is fit enough for stress ECG test. This is because Stress ECG should not be performed on patients who are suffering from severe heart conditions. Such patients are extremely weak and Stress ECG can be catastrophic for them.

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