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Book Report- Year3 Title: The Magic Finger Author: Roald Dahl Published by: Penguin Books Publishing Date: 1966 By Amara 3ND

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Story Setting: In the woods and in the trees. Describe the characteristics/personality of your favourite character: My favourite character is the girl ( she has no name) because she makes interesting things happen. She loves animals and she can ’ t watch bad or cruel things happen. She ’ s funny, happy and she ’ s unique because she has a magic finger that nobody else has and she taught a family a very big lesson with this magic finger.

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Write a brief summary of the story: There was once a girl that had a magic finger. When someone made her cross, she would point at them and make them into interesting things. She couldn ’ t control herself! There was a family that would go out everyday and hunt and kill animals. One day, they had shot some wild ducks and carried a baby deer that they had killed.They had made her feel so cross that she pointed her magic finger at them but nothing happened to them. However, the next day the family turned into ducks without realising until the father tried to check what time it was but he couldn ’ t take his hand out of the blanket because he was a duck.The family was then forced out of their house by the real ducks. The real ducks took over their house and tried to kill the family with their guns.The family begged for their lives to the wild ducks. The next day, the familThe next day, they turned back into humans and the father destroyed all their guns so they wouldn ’ t kill any more animals.

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Would you recommend this book to others? Give reasons why/why not: Yes, I would recommend this book to others because it teaches you not to kill animals and not to tease them.