What is a WebQuest?

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A WebQuest is an inquiry-based activity in which the information comes from resources on the Internet (Dodge, 1995). The WebQuest consists of at least 6 major parts; introduction, task, process, resources, evaluation, and conclusion. Students generally work in


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The WebQuest: 

The WebQuest Ideal for a collaborative learning project ! Computers and the Internet are valuable teaching and learning tools. The Joy of Learning Nellie Deutsch July 4, 2005 ETAI Annual Conference Inspired by Annette Lamb’s I-Totems


Information Questions To simulate inquiry and exploration Access to facts Knowledge and wisdom Guidance on how Select Evaluate Apply Organize Synthesize Communicate ideas Learners Need

Learners Need: 

Learners Need Time To watch, wonder To explore, question, search To create Opportunities Choices and Alternatives Explore Do, try Travel Interact

Learners Need: 

Learners Need Tools Resources Technologies Material for physical and mental work Experience Practical Meaningful Active participation Varied activities

Learners Need: 

Learners Need Motivation Self-directed Relevant and Meaningful Authentic activities Models Positive supportive enthusiastic

Learners Need: 

Learners Need Strategies Techniques to cope with Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Problems

Why Use a WebQuest?: 

Why Use a WebQuest? Justify the cost of placing computers in classrooms Administrators and parents are concerned about students' unguided use of the Internet. Is it really worth the costs? Is it really necessary? Effective use of the Internet in the classroom.

Building Blocks: 

Building Blocks Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion Teacher Page

WebQuests Support: 

WebQuests Support Teamwork Collaborative Cooperative Critical thinking  Self-discovery Self-directed Self-paced Inquiry-based


Duration Short Term One to three lessons Knowledge acquisition and integration Significant amount of information and makes sense of it


Duration Long Term A week to one month Instructional goal Extend and expand knowledge Refine knowledge Learner analyzes a body of knowledge transforms it demonstrates understanding

Thinking skills: 

Thinking skills comparing classifying inducing deducing analyzing errors constructing support abstraction analyzing perspectives

My WebQuests: 

My WebQuests http://www.nelliemuller.com/WebQuestsbyNellieDeutsch.htm*_blank Why a WebQuest? A WebQuest for teachers http://www.scs.k12.tn.us/why_webquests/why_wq.htm*_blank

Doing is succeeding!: 

Doing is succeeding! So go for it …

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