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WikiEducator  Live Online Session : 

WikiEducator  Live Online Session June 18, 2009

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WikiEducator    WikiEducator is a community project working collaboratively with the Free Culture Movement towards a free version of the education curriculum by 2015. Driven by the learning for development agenda we focus on:   building capacity in the use of Mediawiki and related free software technologies for mass-collaboration in the authoring of free content;    developing free content for use in schools, polytechnics, universities, vocational education institutions and informal education settings;    facilitating the establishment of community networks and collaboration with existing free content initiatives in education;    fostering new technologies that will widen access, improve quality and reduce the cost associated with providing education, primarily through the use of free content.

EL4C25 Free Online WorkshopCollaborative learning and wiki skills : 

EL4C25 Free Online WorkshopCollaborative learning and wiki skills Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me, and I'll understand.    Objectives:   By the end of the workshop participants will:   be able to create a user page and add content to Wikieducator using a variety of text codes start collaborating with others; achieve the certification of WikiApprentice Level 2 on the road to becoming a Wikibuddy in our community.

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EL4C25   Facilitators & Participants

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Facilitators Nellie Gladys Rima Benjamin

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Learning wiki skills Editing Basics:   A wiki page has two modes:   1. The published mode.   2. The editing mode - which you use when editing text on the wiki.

Add Your Profile : 

Add Your Profile {{MyTitle|Replace this text with the page's title of your preference}}=My Profile===Professional Background====Personal Background====My Interests====Photos====My Projects====My Sandbox====My Reflections====Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours==

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Published Mode

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Editing Mode

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Learning wiki skills Basic Text Formatting   Two ways to format text:   1. Using the toolbar.   2. Typing the syntax by hand.

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The Editor

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A well-formatted text

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Collaborative Editing

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Another milestone -- you're making history! As founder of the WikiEducator initiative --- just a quick note to say that you're helping our community achieve another major milestone!    You're participating in the largest L4C online workshop in the history of WE, with 280 people signing up for this workshop.  We're also on the verge of 10,000 registered users! Three years ago -- there was one registered user.    Wayne Mackintosh Jun 17, 2009

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Thank WE!