10 website statistics that affect your business


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10 website statistics that affect your small business website.


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to improve your business 10 web stats by


2 READY. SET. GO. The path of a website visit 58% begin on a search engine planning SEARCH FOCUS MARKET RESEARCH Idea

5 users reveal 85% 0f problems:

3 5 users reveal 85% 0f problems Test before launch plan and build test repeat Watch them do the tasks and ask them their thoughts receive feedback launch it! Take Feedback and return to planing and building if necessary Get a 5 users of varying ability to perform simple tasks on your website


4 88% OF BRITS USE SOCIAL NETWORKS Main Networks TWITTER Ideal for communicating a public message and gives the opportunity for your business to communicate with a huge audience. FACEBOOK LINKEDIN Statistically the most effective social network for B2C engagement and the most populous. Great business to business social network. Requires indepth knowledge to build your reputation on the network. Two things are important - which networks would be best at carrying out your message and are there enough customers there to justify the investment

0.04% response rate :

5 “Change is the law of life, those who look to the past or present are certain to miss the future” - JFK 0.04% response rate The majority of companies are increasing their digital marketing spend in the recognition of changing purchasing habits of consumers and businesses. This years figures show that over 2/3 of companies are gaining more than half their revenues from their digital marketing spend. for leaflet campaigns 900px x 1080px


6 LACK OF INFORMATION ANALYSIS IMAGES In Ecommerce, make sure you a selection of different pictures including pictures of the product in a relevant setting. PRICING Displaying clear pricing information means enquiries that come through will be properly qualified as potential customers. REVIEWS Users tend to trust the reviews of other buyers or customers more than the company themselves. DESCRIPTIONS Products/services without clear descriptions are gambles. Take the gamble out for your customer and give them all the info they need. Loses 10% of Business


7 THEY’RE JUDGING YOU 45% of people think a bad website is worse than no website


8 AVERAGE SPEND PER PERSON IN UK ON ONLINE IS HIGHEST IN THE WORLD reasons we lead the world 04. TRUST English consumers are likely to have no hesitation paying with debit or credit card. 05. TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION UK internet access is amongst the best in the world and computer and smartphone penetration is at 96%. 02. GEOGRAPHY The dense population and relative small land mass makes shipping easier and shipping costs easier to understand. 01. LANGUAGE English is the worlds most popular second language and a trusted economy which means it is a net exporter. 03. CARD USE Distance selling regulations have made it compulsory for companies to accept returns. This and other measures means consumers trust.

smart phone ready?:

9 smart phone ready? 75% of people will have them in 2014, and more people will access your site with it than from a traditional computer

Browser Accessibility:

10 Browser Accessibility Where are they coming from Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox The Past Internet Explorer (IE) used to provide almost 90% of traffic to websites as it was the browser of choice. The Present Chrome is the most commonly used browser for accessing the internet, followed by Firefox with IE in third place (see left). The Future With increasing array of different computing devicing websites need to be tested to ensure that are accessed in a variety of different ways. 1 2 3

22% of internet time is dedicated to social media and blogs:

11 22% of internet time is dedicated to social media and blogs based on data from 2012 You need to be where your customers are. Simply making a website is not enough, the internet is about engaging with people in the way they 22% social media 15% Entertainment (IPlayer+Youtube etc) 10% shopping 5% news 3% business/ finance email 3%


12 WE’D LOVE TO HELP YOU Get In Touch We’re a small and talented bunch who’d love to work with you. Drop us an email to arrange a time for us to drop by, or for you to come to our office, location below. Address Fruitworks, Stour Street, Canterbury, CT1 2NR Contact [email protected] www.code99.co.uk Phone 08450 6806 483 790px x 400px