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Building Brand Equity:

Building Brand Equity Choices for making up a good brand Brand name Logos Symbols Slogans Packages etc..

Some Famous Slogans:

Some Famous Slogans Mentos - "Dimaag Ki Batti Zala De" Sprite - "Clear Hai!" Coke - "Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola", "Piyo sar utha ke" Saffola - "Abhi to main jawan hoon“ Complan - "I'm A Complan Boy - I'm A Complan Girl!"

Other associations indirectly transferred to the brand:

Other associations indirectly transferred to the brand A person- (Brand ambassador) Place Thing

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Brand Ambassador


CHOOSING BRAND ELEMENTS Memorable Meaningful Likeability Transferable Adaptable Protectible

Developing brand elements:

Developing brand elements Designing holistic marketing activities Personalization Integration Internalization

Leveraging Secondary Associations:

Leveraging Secondary Associations Leveraging means investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses) or "leverage the money that is already available" Final way to build brand equity is,in effect ,to “Borrow” it. Brand equity may be created by linking the brand to other information in memory that conveys meaning to consumers.

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