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Solve Spam Emails problem in AOL Email with the assistance of AOL Email Technical Support team dial AOL Email Support Phone Number +1-844-502-0074 and get complete support for Spam and unwanted emails. Visit :-


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Solve Spam Emails problem in AOL Email Spams are uninvited and useless emails that the users receive on their email accounts. It is bearable till the quantity is less once you start receiving spam emails in huge amount it would obviously problem you. Now a days spamming has become a common problem and spam emails often lead to misleading and fraudulent information which would eventually put the user in problem. If you are an AOL user and you have recently come across the problem of receiving a huge number of spam emails then you can promptly connect with the AOL email support phone number 1-844-502-0074 and seek help. It has been seen that recently a huge number our AOL users have come across this problem of receiving spam emails in huge numbers. Spam emails are often malicious which would further lead to other problems with your account such as problem while signing in or logging out email freezing and numerous other problems. It has often been found that spam emails have been the root cause of these problems. AOL gives its users with splendid features that would aid you while facing the problem of spamming. AOL spam and privacy includes: The finest option of blocking and unblocking email addresses Using the best feature of filters on spam emails The finest option of reporting spam emails and other objectionable emails So if users face the problem of receiving spam emails on your AOL email the great thing that users can do is make the necessary changes to the AOL Email spam and privacy accounts. You would need to make some changes to adjust the spam settings. The methods to be followed in order to make the necessary adjustments to the spam settings are as given below: The method to adjust Spam Mail Settings In your AOL account towards the upper right you would have to just click on options and then settings. After that on the left panel you would find the option of Spam Settings you would have to just click on it.

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After that you would have to select the appropriate spam mail filters that are available. You would just have to click on the dropdown menu and opt for the best suitable level of the spam filter. If user wish to block or even enable messages from a particular person then they would have to use the option of the sender filter section. Once user have selected the option of ‘Sender Filter’ then they would easily have to enter the username or email address of the individual whom you would wish to filter. Users are also offered the option of blocking messages which contains pictures or any specific words by using the content filter section. The users can also select to permanently delete the block emails by navigating into the blocked mail section. Once you have made all the vital changes that were related to the problem of spam emails you can click on the option of ‘Save’ which would be available at the bottom of the page. This would make sure that all the changes you have made has been saved for further use. Using this splendid spam protection features user can stay stress-free regarding receiving any unwanted emails. If you wish to get more detailed information on the problem of spam mail protection you can simply connect with the AOL Mail Technical Support Phone Number 1844-502-0074 where you would get all the necessary -information. Visit :-

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