Neeraj Raja Kochhar Have Strength In Relationship Between Customer And


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neeraj kochhar viraj steel also initiated several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. These include healthcare, education and eco-friendly initiatives. She is the immense backbone of Mr. Neeraj Raja Kochhar in expanding Viraj Ltd. For more updates and Neeraj Raja Kochhar click here..


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Neeraj Raja Kochhar Have Strength In Relationship Between Customer And Company By:- Neeraj Raja Kochhar Email:-

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Neeraj Raja Kochhar Hindi News • Renu Neeraj Kochhar is involved in the sales and marketing functions of the variety of product manufacture by Viraj Profile like stainless steel wires stainless steel wire rods stainless steel flanges stainless steel profiles stainless steel bright bars.

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Neeraj Raja Kochhar latest news She is a keen traveler and a passionate reader. Mr Neeraj Raja Kochhar and Renu Kochhar Viraj always explore new and innovative ways to strengthen the customer experience and kept her focus on customer satisfaction.

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Neeraj Raja Kochhar Stainless Steel Business As per Neeraj Raja Kochhar latest news Viraj has launch customer friendly CRM system where customer can track their online order on real time basis and can know their exact status of their shipment where Renu Neeraj Kochhar is the main strength.

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Neeraj Raja Kochhar - It is her initiative towards maintaining the transparency between client and company so that relationship between customer and company can be strengthen. The centralized quality department achieve more than 90 product certifications worldwide under her guidance. The Stainless-Steel Products Sector In India

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