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science project


Topic - digestive system in humans


DIGESTIVE TRACT The alimentry canal is basically a long tube extending from the mouth to the anus through which food passes during its digestion and absorption.

Mouth cavity(buccal cavity) :

Mouth cavity( buccal cavity) Mouth cavity is the anteior opening of the digestive system which ingests food.It has a muscular tongue, teeth.

Tongue :

Tongue It has a muscular tongue on which are arrranged the taste buds. * it helps in chewing & swallowing of food.


teeth There are two rows of teeth – upper and lower. There are four types of teeth in mammals; incisors, canines, premolars, molars.

oesophagus :

oesophagus . It is a narrow muscular distensible tube that connects pharynx with stomach


STOMACH the stomach lies on the leftside of abdomen it is a sac –like organ j shaped It has a two parts – - Small intestine - large intestine

small intestine:

small intestine Small intestine is a long structure . It has three main portions - duodenum - jejunum - illeum

large intestine :

large intestine small intestine enlarges slightly to form a tubular large intestine which is 5 cm wide and 2 m long it has three portions caecum colon Rectum Anus

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