What can I Gain from a Business Traineeship?

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If you are going to start a business, a traineeship is important for you. The business traineeship gives a person an opportunity to combine paid employment with administration training. To know more on what you can gain from it, read the given presentation.


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What can I Gain from a Business Traineeship?:

What can I Gain from a Business Traineeship ?

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If you’re looking to get a head start in the business world a traineeship could be for you. The  business traineeship  gives you the opportunity to combine paid employment with administration training – so you can learn a new set of skills, get valuable workplace experience and pay your bills at the same time! What exactly is a business traineeship and what will you gain from it?

What is a business traineeship?:

What is a business traineeship ? A traineeship is very similar to an apprenticeship, but differs in length. While most apprenticeships last 3-4 years, traineeships are usually only a year when completed full-time. The business administration training itself lasts from 12-18 months and follows a structured learning plan intermixed with practical office experience. Successful completion of all the course requirements will earn you the Certificate III, IV or Diploma in Business – an impressive nationally recognised qualification.

What does it involve?:

What does it involve ? At the core of the business traineeship is your assigned workplace. Traineeship providers are often able to offer you a range of small, medium and large business employers in sectors as diverse as marketing, construction and local/state government – so you can match your interests and goals! But don’t worry about being lost in a huge organisation . Trainees that go to larger companies are often able to join a specialist sub-section such as the legal team or human resources and support that specific team with business administration .

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Throughout your employment, trainees complete competency based training. This means your learning will be hands on and you will be assessed on your ability to perform tasks and office skills. This can include both on and off the job components, something that will be specified in your training contract .

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Your Certificate III in Business qualification will be delivered primarily in the workplace with the support of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and trainer, so you will always have access to the support you need to achieve your goals.

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The traineeship will teach you a variety of skills including: General administration, copying, filing, scanning and stationery ordering. Customer service – phone, email and in person. Sorting, distributing and dispatching mail. Writing business letters and reports. Coordinating meetings. Organising catering for meetings. Creating agendas. Attending team meetings. Supporting supervisors and senior managers. Manning reception.

What will you gain?:

What will you gain ? Completing a business traineeship will earn you a lot more than a nationally recognised qualification. During your time as a trainee you will learn a whole host of skills which will be valuable to employers.

1) Gain confidence:

1) Gain confidence Leaving school can be a scary time. Faced with new challenges away from familiarity and your friends can shake anyone’s confidence. But when completing a business traineeship, this won’t last for long! This traineeship is all about developing those all important interpersonal skills – you’ll become a whizz at working with people in no time.

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A lot of your days will be spent meeting guests, organising team meetings and events and clearly communicating processes. It’s the perfect environment for building your confidence with people – something that will be invaluable to your future career.

2) Develop your foundational skills:

2) Develop your foundational skills A year’s experience in a business environment will give you an in depth understanding of how everything works. Starting with the basics and building on your knowledge while immersed in the office everyday will give you a unique overview of what it takes to make a business run. Having these skills will make you unstoppable! Not only are they valued by employers and will boost your CV, for aspiring business owners out there, it is the ideal way to attain the skills you need to manage your own business one day.

3) Work in a versatile environment:

3) Work in a versatile environment Business is a varied traineeship and gives you the chance to learn a number of valuable skill sets. Each one could take you in a number of different career directions. For that reason it’s great if you know you want to be in business but aren’t sure exactly which area you enjoy most.That being said for those who have a set business career in mind, the different skills learnt on a traineeship will be the perfect start to your journey .

4) Build your communication skills:

4) Build your communication skills Communication is one of the most important skills in the business world. Whether it’s writing reports and emails, presenting to your team or negotiating with clients, knowing how to communicate effectively is essential. Learning these skills in a supported environment when you are young will allow you to develop exceptional social intelligence .

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A qualification alongside office experience: The two big winners on any CV. A business traineeship gives you the skills employers are looking for and the experience to back them up. There really is no better way to open up your future. Ready to start your business career? Get in contact with the traineeship experts at NECA Education & Careers and learn more about how to become a business trainee.