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UNIV269: Connecting Across Cultures:

UNIV269: Connecting Across Cultures Course Introduction

What is UNIV269?:

What is UNIV269? One-credit course, online, elective Intended to promote cultural competency and engagement with the host culture Sections with participants from other Maryland-in study abroad programs

Course Components and Oversight:

Course Components and Oversight Course Components Component oversight Engagement Activity Local Staff Local Group Discussions Local Staff Critical Reflection Journal TA Online Thematic Discussions TA Cultural Learning Portfolio TA UNIV269 Course Coordinator - Nataša Hennessy – Oversees the Teaching Assistants and maintains communication between the local and teaching staff.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Engagement Activity Ongoing experiential learning that regularly connects and engages you with your host culture Intended to provide an opportunity for you to use your emerging cross-cultural skills to negotiate cross-cultural situations and interact respectfully with the host culture. Time requirements: Two hours/week or four hours/every other week; Total of 20 hours

Critical Reflective Journal :

Critical Reflective Journal The ultimate goal is to help students become more intentional, integrative learners. Students will submit four Critical Reflection Journals using a format of their choosing

Critical Reflective Journal example :

Critical Reflective Journal example When I arrived to my first meeting, I introduced myself and shook my host ’ s hand with a firm grip. I was always taught that this represented a determined and spirited person. I immediately noticed that my host felt uncomfortable. I was told by my colleague later that the proper way of introducing oneself at the meeting is to exchange business cards. They should be accepted with both hands and treated with respect. I also searched “ business etiquette ” for my host country on the Internet and learned so much more about exchange of business cards, e.g. one should never write on or fidget with them. Next time I attended a meeting, I was prepared for proper introductions!

Local Group Discussions:

Local Group Discussions Two locally-led group discussions The main goal is to guide you through context-specific questions Focus on underlying cultural beliefs and how they can influence behaviors and practices in the host culture

Online Group Discussions:

Online Group Discussions Two online discussions grouped around themes, facilitated by Teaching Assistants Not in “ live time ” , students will be required to post minimum of two comments. Intended to support student learning by fostering comparisons between cultural beliefs, behaviors and practices in different study abroad destinations

Cultural Learning Portfolio:

Cultural Learning Portfolio Final summary document, outlining cultural learning throughout semester Includes content from journals, plus analytic component linking personal experience to academic content Due one month after study abroad program