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Case Presentation on “Joe”:

Case Presentation on “Joe” By Nicole Delledera

Hope For Youth Homeless/Runaway Shelter:

Hope For Youth Homeless/Runaway Shelter Homeless

History of client:

History of client 19 year old mixed race male Street activity Anger issues Mother passed away Group home upstate Kicked out of father’s house Arrested 1 sister, 2 bothers (one involved in street life) Selling drugs to make money


Diagnosis Bi polar disorder

Presenting Problem:

Presenting Problem Homeless Too old to sign back into foster care


Modality One-on-one sessions Weekly Around the house


Challenges Anger issues Needs things to go his way No support system Short amount of time

Treatment Plan:

Treatment Plan Longer term living arrangement Psychologist/psychiatrist Monitor medications/Follow up with doctor Reconnect with family

Plans for future action:

Plans for future action Timothy Hill Job Corp

The End:

The End Thanks for watching!