The fruits and the vegetables

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The fruits and the vegetables:

The fruits and the vegetables

The Fruits :

The Fruits

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an Apple a pear a banana a peach a plum an Orange a grapefruit a lemon a lime a kiwi A papaya

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a cherry a strawberry a blueberry a melon a raspberry grapes a date a pineapple


Games 1. 2. 3. grapes pear Plume Lemon peach cherry a blueberry citron

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an apple a raspberry pineapple oranges strawberry melon banana grapefruit dates

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1. The doctors always advise us to eat this fruit as it has got a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin C ( O A E R G N ) 2. For my birthday, my mother is going to make us a delicious cake with many beautiful ( S H E R I E C R ) on it. 3. It is a yellow fruit that has the form of a rainbow , and monkeys enjoy it very much ( N N B A A A) 4. It is a large ,sweet ,fleshy tropical fruit with a tuft of stiff leaves at the end; it is widely cultivated ( P E P N P E L I A ) 1ORANGE 2CHERRIES 3BANANA 4PINEAPPLE

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1) banana 2) pineapple 3) grape 4) papaya 5) lime 6) apple 7) lemon 8) grapefruit 9) melon 10) orange

the vegetables:

the vegetables

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tomato potato pepper lettuce carrot peas

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leek cabbage avocado onion garlic celery

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a cauliflower a salad a head of lettuce a sprout a radish a sweet corn a bean chicory

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a cucumber zucchini mushroom eggplant beet asparagus broccoli


Games 1. Children love this vegetable very much as it is delicious and its colour is generally yellow. ( T P O T A O ) 2. Our mothers often make salads with this red vegetable, which can be eaten raw or cooked ( T O M A T O ) 3. Children aren’t used to this vegetable, which can be red, yellow or green ( R P E P E P ) 4. A fruit shaped like a pear with a tough dark green skin and a large stone inside. ( D O V A C O A ) 1.POTATO 2. TOMATO 3. PEPPER 4.AVOCADO

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