Nicole Auman _ Diversity _ March 2013

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Corporate Diversity:

Corporate Diversity Nicole Auman


Agenda Understanding Diversity Training elements What are the benefits? Best practices Companies with the top diversity programs

Understanding Diversity:

Understanding Diversity Race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age Being aware that differences in the workplace can increase success with outside clients Being “ different ” brings new ideas

Training Elements:

Training Elements Voluntary vs. Forced Diversity Training In depth conversations and interactions Readily available resources Continuous involvement with employees


Benefits Helps organizations to better understand multi- cultural co-workers Can help a company become and stay successful Increase team work within the organization Allow for new and creative ideas Enhanced public image

Best Practices:

Best Practices Make sure that diversity training is ongoing and not simply something an employee does when he/she first starts out. Create programs and projects that will entice diverse groups of employees to interact and work together Enforce diversity training within every department and level of an organization – have a Sr. level Advocate Have mentors available to help employees move up and become successful within the organization – empower all employees

Top Diverse Companies:

Top Diverse Companies PricewaterhouseCoopers Sodexo Kaiser Permanente AT&T Proctor and Gamble = CEO Commitment, minority promotions, mentoring, consistency of training, have an a-typical corporate client base (, 2013)



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