The Difference Between Public Proxies Vs. Private Proxies


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The Difference Between Public Proxies Vs. Private Proxies

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A shared proxy is a proxy that can be connected to multiple computers instead in just a single one. It is also known to as a public proxy. These proxies are commonly used by anonymous proxy companies and provides so that they can share the proxies to their computers. It is cheaper that way instead of buying a lot of proxies in every single computer. Companies usually need proxies so that they can be anonymous in their Internet activities. In addition they want to keep their identity safe with all the employees using the web.

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Public proxies vs. Private proxies Public proxies Shared proxies are way cheaper than private proxies because in public proxies they can be connected to multiple computers compared to private proxies. Also shared proxies have more workload compared to private proxies thus they are more prone to breaking down. In addition the fact that they shared a number of computers they are much weaker compared to efficiency and effectiveness of private proxies. If you want a fair amount of security and have a lack of budget public proxies are advised.

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On the other hand private proxies can only be connected to one computer making it more expensive than shared proxies. In addition when private proxies are connected to multiple computers it will now become as a public proxy. Compared to public proxies private proxies are more reliable for the main reason that it only serves one computer. Thus this reason makes it stronger and hard to bypass so it has a less chance to break down.

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So what should we choose: a public proxy or a private proxy It depends upon the need of your company or home. Companies that use a lot of computers or cannot afford for now private proxies can opt to buy shared proxies. Private proxies are just too expensive especially when you are just starting your business. Also if you do not always share too much confidential information around the web a shared proxies suites you well. On the other hand if you really want privacy and security at a maximum potential then it is advised to use private proxies. Just make sure that you have the money for investing in this kind of service.

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