5 Reasons Why Ranking your Ecommerce Website is still a dream

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Despite investing numbers of hours for your Ecommerce Website, there must be something wrong with your efforts which back you off from ranking high. Here is all you need to know.


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5 Reasons Why Ranking your Ecommerce Website is still a dream:

5 Reasons Why Ranking your Ecommerce Website is still a dream


You own a website to earn and it is more than the showcase of your business. Earning through your website is a cycle. If you rank high, you will be visible. If you are visible, you get users. If you get users, you get a chance to convert them into leads and generate ROI. Despite of investing numbers of hours for your website, there must be something wrong with your efforts which backs you off from ranking high. Here is all you need to know.

Possible Reasons behind ranking issue:

Possible Reasons behind ranking issue On page optimization Product Description SSL certification Page Loading Speed Indexing

On page optimization:

On page optimization Ecommerce website have 100’s of categories and lots of product pages. So on page optimization is must. If your ecommerce site is not optimized, chances are less that customers can see your site into SERPs. Even google will not give you importance because of site is not optimized. So consult to one of the best seo company in Sydney and ask them to make your site SEO friendly. SEO friendly site will help you to generate more leads.

Product Description:

Product Description We talked about on page optimization in the 1 st point. If you are not able to pay to SEO company Adelaide , you can optimize site your self. Product description should be attractive so that users cant resist to purchase your products. Genuine and detailed description will help you to gain trust of visitors. Focus on An Attractive Title and Brief Description

SSL certification :

SSL certification It is compulsory to have SSL certification if you have ecommerce site as you stores personal sensitive information of customers. Customers wont trust you if site is not secured and even google will also show warning that site is not secured. So its better to purchase SSL certificate and secure your site customers. If possible this issue of SSL certification should be done while you go for custom web application development .

Page Loading Speed:

Page Loading Speed If the page loading speed is not optimised, contact ecommerce development company and get your site optimized. Speed should be less then 3 seconds. If page takes more time to load, users will left your site because no one likes to wait. To check your current page load speed, visit google page speed insights. Simply enter the URL and submit it. It will return you the speed with error if any and areas which should be optimized with solution.


Indexing For recently launched websites, it might be possible that they are not yet indexed by search engines. Type this in Google search – site: yourwesitename.com (Don’t use ‘www’ and ‘/’). If your website is returned on top of search results, it means that you are indexed. If not, your site is not indexed by search engine spiders. If your website is launched recently, you should check if the site is indexed or not. Check indexing status by “ site:yourwebsitename.com ” (ex. “ site:intuitionsoftech.com.au ”) If this search term return the results, it means your site is indexed and if it doesn’t shows any results, you should index your site first.


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