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Question three: What did you learn from your audience feedback?:

Question three: What did you learn from your audience feedback? nancy over

Digipak and Music Advert.:

Digipak and Music Advert. Feedback was so important when It came to producing my digipak and music advert as unlike the music video, which we all worked on together, I was on my own so gaining as much feedback as possible was vital. Myself and my group communicated through many platforms such as Whatsapp , Imessage and snapchat. These were all really fun and easy ways of communicating as it allowed us to send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and calls. When gaining feedback, it was also important that my group were involved in the changes that I was making as they had the best advice to give as we were all creating similar products. Another important person who provided feedback was my media teacher, in person and over email. I also used social media to gain feedback from people that I did not know by posting it to my twitter, facebook and snapchat story. Overall, it was important I gained the right feedback in order to progress my product into something that my audience will love.