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Question three: what have you learnt from your audience feedback?:

Question three: what have you learnt from your audience feedback?


When myself, Janna and Aziza came to the production of our music video ‘Jealous’, we knew that feedback was key in order to be able to attend to the wants and needs of our target audience. The main aim was to keep our audience interested throughout the entire duration of the video for it to be a success. Therefore, in order to do this, we asked people what they thought about our music video and what we could do it improve it…..

And this is what they said…:

And this is what they said… Janna also asked some of her friends what they thought and allowed me to use her videos in my evaluation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bwVkOTW7ms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp7KT_u4yS8


After receiving feedback from various people, we were able to understand what was and wasn’t effective in our music video to our targeted audience. To improve, I brainstormed what elements we should replace/include with our existing product. Amongst all the feedback, we decided that shorter clips and more close up shots were vital in improving our music video and fulfilling our target audiences wants.