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My entry into the Tony Bianco shoes competition


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Why I need a pair of Tony Bianco boots:

Why I need a pair of Tony Bianco boots

Hi! I’m Nadia and I NEED some new Tony Bianco boots!:

Hi! I’m Nadia and I NEED some new Tony Bianco boots! This year I have my second graduation ceremony, this time for an honours degree, and I need to look fabulous! (Last year’s outfit fell a bit flat…get it? Lol ) Boots will be stunning with graduation regalia, and they’ll keep me nice and snug all day!


Wedding I will be getting married, so I need some stunning TB boots for all the functions and dinners surrounding it (and a wedding pair also?– maybe that’s pushing it!)

Baby shower:

Baby shower I am throwing a high-tea baby shower for my best friend, a very fashion forward event! Knee high suede boots with a killer wedge, a pinnie and some cool stockings would be perfect for it!

Palmerston North, NZ:

Palmerston North, NZ And perhaps most importantly, I need to help bring fashion and beautiful shoes back to Palmerston North: a lovely town laden down by crimes against fashion.

So pleeeaasseee Tony Bianco:

So pleeeaasseee Tony Bianco Help me make Palmerston North a little bit more beautiful by giving me a pair of beautiful boots! (and help me stay warm in the cold NZ winter!) I love you TB!

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