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HDFC Equity Fund is the best way to make your money growth with high security and growth also. It is the best Diversified Equity mutual fund scheme. The HDFC Equity Fund Nav is also quite worthy for every type of investors. For more information you can visit MySIPonline.


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I N T O D U C T I O N                                      is the best option to get capital growth and high returns. It is an open ended growth oriented mutual fund scheme. PERFORMANCE This fund is the Fund scheme. It is performing outstanding since beginning.  And having 2.04 expense only. INVESTMENT DETAILS It provide both SIP LUMPSUM Both method to Invest.The minimum amount for SIP investment is Rs. 500 and Rs.5000 for LUMPSUM investment.   NAV RETURNS The Nav of HDFC Equity Mutual Fund is quite worthy and affordable as well It is offering some great returns for its investors H D F C E Q U I T Y F U N D Make a attractive and Desire Wealth for your future CONTACT US support Best Diversified Equity HDFC Equity Fund 9 1 - 9 6 6 0 0 3 2 8 8 9

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