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Introduction Presentation of the BayPay Forum event on EMV in the US with Visa Mastercard and Discover


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EMV in the US:

EMV in the US Sponsored by April 2, 2012

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Mission: Create professional network of executives & companies involved with payment Understand & debate emerging trends & innovations in payment industry Complement regular face to face events with online social network Provide resources useful to group members 2,200 companies, incl. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Google, Apple, Square, Wal-Mart, Facebook , LinkedIn, Intuit, Zynga and more BayPay Goals

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www.baypayforum.com Free registration

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The New BayPay Mobile App Download: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.baypay.screens

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Main Benefits Stay connected to people interested by the NFC market Group exclusively reserved to attendees of today’s event All discussions will stay within the group Continue the discussions online Video and presentations of the event Register to the BayPay EMV in the US Event Group

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Thank you to our Sponsors

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Upcoming BayPay Sponsored Events

The BayPay Forum:

The BayPay Forum Contact Us www.baypayforum.com Daniel Chatelain , Managing Director [email protected]

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