Find Out How Essential Amino Acids From TriVita Can Impact Your Qualit

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Your body cannot produce the nine essential amino acids on its own, so you need to get them through your food or essential amino acid supplements. The MyoHealth Essential Amino Acid Complex is the first and only product of its kind to receive a U.S. patent for its highly-effective formula, containing all nine essential amino acids. MyoHealth is also clinically proven to help you synthesize protein more effectively and efficiently, increase metabolism, and contribute to building leaning muscle mass.


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Find Out How Essential Amino Acids From TriVita Can Impact Your Quality of Life TriVita’s website is a great place to start if you want to learn more about amino acids also known as the building blocks of life. There’s a wealth of information available about how our bodies use them and how to get the ones your body doesn’t make. TriVita carries science-based nutritional products including the MyoHealth Essential Amino Acid Complex which is the only U.S.-patented formula to provide all nine essential amino acids. The MyoHealth line was developed by Dr. Robert Wolfe who is a renowned expert in amino acids nutrition and muscle metabolism. His book “The Building Blocks of Life: How Essential Amino Acids Keep You Young Vibrant and Healthy” is sold on TriVita’s site as well. Dr. Wolfe’s book is meant to be a digestible read for understanding how important essential amino acids are to your muscles and long-term health. The book is for all people regardless of age to learn about why essential amino acid supplements are the most necessary of all nutritional supplements for your overall health. “The Building Blocks of Life” helps empower you to live life to the fullest keep building muscle throughout your entire life and avoid adult-onset muscle loss. After reading the book you’ll

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gain a better understanding of what you need to do next to achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire including adding an essential amino acid supplement to your daily routine. Consider why essential amino acids are vital for your continuing health:  Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein at a cellular level.  Essential amino acids build cells muscles and transport nutrients.  Muscle is the primary place for amino acids in the body.  Muscle needs protein to grow and the body can’t make protein on its own.  Muscle is constantly synthesizing which means it’s getting rid of old damaged fibers and replacing them with new healthy muscle fibers.  Muscles serve many essential metabolic functions beyond physical movement. To truly maximize the benefits of essential amino acid supplements you need to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into your routine. Wellness is about more than just getting the right nutrients which is why TriVita fully embraces inspiring people to take care of their mind body and spirit. The name TriVita is a fusion of the words Tri three and Vita life. Learn more about TriVita MyoHealth and Dr. Wolfe at

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