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Hospital admission is often necessary when the patient has developed an emergency medical condition such as a heart attack, stroke, high fever, extremely low or high blood sugar, accident, and so on. for more details visit


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Activating L TCI Policy We all experience relief when our elderly parent is discharged from a hospital. However you may suddenly find yourself short of resources to care for the parents needs at home. If your parents have an L TCI policy you can activate it after such a health crisis to ensure they receive optimum care at home. You can activate L TCI when the patient suffers from: Incontinence of urine or stools Inability to eat bathe or dress Difficulty in moving Reduced memory Loss of coordination and balance

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Long-term care services provide assistance with several activities of daily living. These may include bathing meal preparation dressing medication reminders shopping toileting housekeeping and other non-medical assistance.

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Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care Health services received at home include a range of treatments delivered in your home for the management of illness or injury. Some of the services covered by Medicare’s home health benefit are physical therapy and intermittent skilled nursing care. More Details Please visit:

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HOME CARE VS HOSPITAL STAY Taking care of your own health at home can become much easier when you have a caregiver tending to your needs. If you are suffering from a disorder that can be managed well with regular healthcare at home you can check the costs of the services offered by your preferred home care agency in New York or the city you stay in. Insurance coverage Duration of healthcare Costs incurred Cost of equipment Cost avoided

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Time to Ask for Home Care Do you know what is the commonest mistake people make as far as receiving home care is concerned It is not knowing when is the time to ask for help They tend to push themselves beyond limits until they develop complications. In some cases it has been observed that people avoid hiring the services of even their own preferred home care agency in Brooklyn NY or the region they stay in simply because it hurts their self-esteem. • Face the dilemma • New difficulties • Close calls • Difficulty recovering • Social signs • The bottom line

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Hiring an overnight home caregiver If you notice these signs it is the time to get in touch with your preferred home care agency in Brooklyn NY or the region you are located in. Having an overnight home caregiver would ensure your parents are being taken good care of even at night. Overnight Care Medical assistance Diagnosis of disorder Break for family members Medicatio n neglect

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Ease Y our Routine T asks •Caring for the sick •Cook meals •Shop for groceries •Assist in business matters •Light housekeeping

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Testimonials … • I am impressed by the expertise of the therapists. • I am satisfied with the services of Preferred Home Care. • My home caregiver is polite professional and friendly. • I have hired help from this agency for several purposes including a nurse • I am impressed by the cooking skills of my home caregiver. • The costs of home care services are not too high and a part of it is covered by my Medicare policy

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