Lockout Tagout Tags Ensure Occupational Safety Of Employees


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Lockout Tagout Tags Ensure Occupational Safety Of Employees

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A lock out tag is used for locking any electrical or mechanical equipment that on activation can prove to be harmful for employees. These tags help in promoting safety of workers at workplace. These are used in industrial sector or other places for indicating the status of a machine or equipment. A Lock out tag informs visitors and employees that a particular machine is turned off, needs repair or is being inspected. Also, it instructs the users not to use the tagged machine or equipment without the consent of higher authorities.

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According to OSHO, more than 60,000 lockout-related accidents take place annually because of improper usage of machinery at places of work. Lockout tagout tags are essential for effectively implementing safety programs in industries. These lockout tagout tags help avoiding accidents in industries by making everyone aware about the status of machines and danger involved in operating them. These tags are ideally used for electrical equipment, pipes, movable machinery, computer server room, etc. for maintaining a safe environment around.

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There are various lockout tagout tags that are available in the market these days. Some of the commonly used lockout tags are 2-part lockout tags, bilingual lockout tags, custom lockout tags, do not open valve, do not operate tags, do not use tags, equipment locked out, lockout tags – danger and out of service tags.

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All these tags can be easily availed from online stores that design and print tags as per the preferences and requirements of clients. The lockout tagout tags available at online shops can be designed with colored and bold texts along with recognizable symbols. This enables the readers to instantly identify the hidden risks behind defective or locked out machines.

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Lockout tagout tags provided by online stores are made using supreme quality materials such as 15 mil thick vinyl, self-laminating material, reusable or laminated vinyl, etc. All the tags made from sturdy material serve their purpose efficiently and for longer time duration. Also, smudge proof writing on these tags clearly conveys important messages to the readers.

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Customization facility offered by online stores enables customers to design impactful tags within a short time span. They can conveniently add desired text, company’s name and logo to the tags as per their choices. Colorful tags with attention grabbing graphics easily catch the glance of people around. Additionally, convenient dispenser box are available with these lockout tagout tags that helps in quick tagging and save precious time of clients

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