Online Trading Reviews 4 Ways to Evaluate a Forex Mentorship Program


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Online Trading Reviews: 4 Ways to Evaluate a Forex Mentorship Program. :

Online Trading Reviews: 4 Ways to Evaluate a Forex Mentorship Program. By: Jay Molina From:

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One of the things that changed my trading career was the Forex mentors I had at the beginning of my career. This also allowed me to learn from the best traders (people who were managing millions) and cut the learning curve to a few months, instead of years. I read hundred of online trading reviews and I even purchase several trading systems however they always performed poorly. This is when I decided that if I was going to get anywhere as a Forex trader I was going to need to take my financial destiny on my own hands. Finding a Forex mentor who has the skills, knowledge, and abilities to teach you how to become a profitable trader is vital for success. I had a mentor during the first 3 years of my trading career and I still have mentors in many other areas of my life. Having a mentor is the surest and fastest way to become the trader you want to be and capture the profits you always wanted. In this article I will be teach you 4 easy ways to evaluate any mentorship program or one on one Forex training on the internet or offline.

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Full time Forex traders & market experts make the best mentors: When you need to solve a problem you go to an expert. When you break a leg you go to a doctor, when you need legal advice you visit a law office. It is exactly the same for Forex trading. Most full time Forex traders do not care to teach others how to trade because they already achieved success and do not want to share it. They are a few full time Forex traders and trading experts who are looking to make a difference by changing other people’s lives and leading them to success. These are the type of Forex traders you want as your mentors. However, these are the harder to find because they normally do not want to teach others how they do what they do. My advice to you is to find a mentor who trades full time and that has his own trading strategies. Find a mentor who has availability: This sometimes might be hard to find. Most Forex mentors only take a few mentees every year. For this reason is really hard to get in with the big boys and have them teach you how to trade.

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In my case, I learn from an institutional trader who did not even offer a mentorship program and the only reason he mentored me was because we were very good friends. A mentorship program MUST offer you with a full time mentor: I have seen several online courses and trading systems that are named “Forex mentorship” or “Forex mentor” but the reality is that NO mentor is coaching you. When you choose a mentorship program make sure you will actually get 1 on 1 coaching, not just a course and a set of videos. It’s free to inquire and ask questions: when you are choosing a mentorship program you need to ask questions, get an overview of the program, and learn about how the program is conducted and can help you succeed in the markets. Taking action is crucial: It is true that having goals and ambitions is important but without action your efforts will be worthless. One of my favorite quotes is “There is nothing more common than a talented individual without success”.

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Many people are extremely talented (and in my experience anyone who is trying to trade Forex is normally very smart) but they do not succeed as traders because they don’t take action when an opportunity knocks at their door. My advice is to take good opportunities when they come your way, don’t wait or the opportunity might be taken away from you by someone who took action on time. People have mentors because is the easiest and surest way to achieve success on anything you are trying to accomplish. Warren Buffet has Ben Graham as his mentor; Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson as his mentor. The most successful individuals in our society recognize the powerful edge they can get by having a mentor. I hope that you now have a better idea of why is important to have a Forex trading mentor and how to find the best mentorship program with the best online trading reviews. Best regards, Jay Molina Pro Forex Trader & Educator