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Fundraising at Makerere University:

Fundraising at Makerere University Patrick Mutimba Director, November 2012

Why this group meetings?:

Why this group meetings? Alumni & Donors Relationship based donations Stewardship Institutionalized relationships Structures to receive and manage the gifts Discipline based – Colleges Focus Group – are we doing this right? 2 Patrick Mutimba

University Endowments:

University Endowments An Endowed Chair allows the School or College to attract eminent scholars Capital sum given towards an Educational Institution to advance its objectives Invested in perpetuity, only use income for University purposes each year (spending rate) Long term donor relationship more important than the cash received in any single year 3 Patrick Mutimba

Makerere University’s Opportunity:

Makerere University’s Opportunity 13,000 graduands ( 2013 January) Currently – 40,000 Students 100,000 Alumni in Kampala Each can give 10,000 – 50,000 Max. possible gift is what has been asked for Many can give much more Need to maximize each Prospects’ potential Optimize/Maximize growth of Endowment assets 4 Patrick Mutimba

Making appropriate requests:

Making appropriate requests If a prospect can give 100,000 but is asked for 10,000 only, they give the 10,000 and spend the 90,000 on something else If a prospect can give 500,000 but is asked for only 100,000 a year they will give what is asked and spend the balance elsewhere Asking too much or too little is to be avoided Patrick Mutimba 5

Campaign plan:

Campaign plan Purpose of preparation is to Know whom to ask How to ask What to ask When to ask Inform the donor stewardship plan Patrick Mutimba 6

Example of Campaign plan:

Example of Campaign plan Patrick Mutimba 7 Band Annual Income group Target per donor Expected donors in group Prospects qualified 500,000,000 2,500,000,000 250,000,000 2 10 300,000,000 500,000,000 50,000,000 6 30 200,000,000 100,000,000 10,000,000 20 100 150,000,000 30,000,000 3,000,000 50 250 100,000,000 10,000,000 1,000,000 100 500 1,250,000,000 890

Annual giving program:

Annual giving program The backbone of regular giving that builds fund while strengthening social bonds Track record helps identify the regular and consistent givers – (one case where previous history is a good indicator of future prospects) Must be supported by a strong back office operation (acknowledge each individual gift, reminders of personal commitments, basis for further communication) Patrick Mutimba 8

Endowed Chair:

Endowed Chair Should start with developing and ensuring that potential donors are interested, able and willing to establish a chair. Establish rapport between the prospect and the respective College Principal. Build expectations, align Principals’ objectives to donors interests – narrow down the wish list to relevant projects Make a targeted request at the appropriate time 9 Patrick Mutimba

Quick wins and CSFs:

Quick wins and CSFs Hard data is a must have – Contacts but also behavioral biases and differences that will be useful in forging an appropriate relationship to make an “ask” for financial support at appropriate time 2013 Graduation a key point Departmental coordination and support for software development 10 Patrick Mutimba

Work plan:

Work plan Procure a strong CRM software Centrally purchased ( IRMD department /donor) Maintained / Operated at the Colleges / Schools Hybrid ( centralized –decentralized) system Must be scale-able in terms of information needs Ensure that all individual records are updated on the system ( 30,000 graduates in the last two years + 40,000 Students and ?000 Alumni) Migration / download / other? Hire volunteers/ part timers for manual data entry 11 Patrick Mutimba

Work plan:

Work plan Document a College “priority list” What are the key issues that donors /alumni could participate in? ( we are not yet asking for the help) Ask prospects a question like “ What could be done to improve the University?” How much funding would be involved? Can we consider “phased donations”? Have they championed any previous initiatives? 12 Patrick Mutimba

Cloud Computing ; Resources:

Cloud Computing ; Resources According CRM Buyer’s Guide “Cloud computing is an option vendors offer customers to store business data and information technology (IT) infrastructure outside the company’s premises using the vendor’s system. No or very little hardware is required for the company to use the system, and end users need only a Web browser and an Internet connection to access all the functionalities they need. Vendors handle the hosting via servers located on their premises, data centers operated by third-party companies they have agreements with, or a combination of both. “ “Cloud computing allows sales and marketing people to focus on what they do best: search, attract, and keep customers, while reducing or eliminating activities such as maintaining an IT infrastructure. ” Resource implications Sustainable manpower at the Colleges Download of initial contact information Internet connectivity 13 Patrick Mutimba

Advantages of Cloud computing:

Advantages of Cloud computing cloud computing is that the application can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection available. The reduced IT cost for cloud CRM is another advantage, as the solution is not installed and administrated by the customer. Though internal IT costs can be dramatically reduced. The accelerated delivery of new features is another obvious advantage, as new functionality can be available immediately to users, eliminating the need for upgrades and patches that are traditionally installed on top of the core product, usually disrupting the activity of the company. The customer’s data is stored on servers that are protected from viruses, hackers, and other threats, and vendors use secured hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) protocols and encryption methods to keep the data safe. However, it is recommended that a copy of all critical information (known as data escrow) be kept by an independent third-party company, in the event that the data cannot be retrieved from the vendor’s servers. *Adapted from CRM Buyer’s Guide 14 Patrick Mutimba

Challenges with Cloud computing:

Challenges with Cloud computing Customers still have to pay for IT-related services that are not included in the core package. For instance, connectors with ERP systems may not always be included, and backing up data and importing legacy data might also generate extra costs. Also, the cost of ongoing service of the cloud CRM option may be substantial over the long term. As a downside, cloud-based options are associated with a limited degree of personalization and no customization (except when the vendor offers a development platform, which requires the customer to have its own technical resources to be able to use it properly). Identity management and sign-on processes need to be put in place in order to ensure that unauthorized people—inside and outside your company—do not have access to sensitive data. All this can be done using different encryption methods and protocols, which need to comply with existing regulations. *Adapted from CRM Buyer’s Guide Patrick Mutimba 15

Measure of progress:

Measure of progress No. of records ( Present, Possible..) Actual Contact events / points Prospect Development plan Alumni events Donor interests One-on-one interactions Social Media Formal Communication ( newsletter, email blast..) Ways of assessing response ( are we doing it right?) 16 Patrick Mutimba

Roles of each of us:

Roles of each of us Obtain and circulate Bank Account Details as soon as Council approves to open an Account for fundraising Explore ways of obtaining a vibrant software system that meets needs of a CRM function at a University Approach potential donors Vs. bad publicity Engage the Graduate Students immediately for potential commitments for gifts to the College Ask alumni/ Graduands of January 2013 how much they can commit themselves to donate each year to their Colleges – ( 10,000?) Ask your fellow Staff members to contribute an amount regularly to their College 17 Patrick Mutimba

PowerPoint Presentation:

Discussions 18 Patrick Mutimba