What to Look for in an Inpatient Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

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What to Look for in an Inpatient Drug Rehab in Los Angeles Jul 14 at 4:14pm You want your rehab process to end up in success. And this is absolutely possible. But the fact that you are considering rehab is a major step that most dont take. Out of over 20 million people over the age of 12 who needed treatment for drug or alcohol abuse only 11 percent receive it. And choosing rehab over relapse could save your life. So were going to try to make the choice of inpatient drug rehab as simple as possible. Weve compiled a list of things you need to look for in a drug rehab program. And once you have the tools it will be easier to choose. 1. How Does Inpatient Drug Rehab Create Success The best inpatient drug rehab centers are successful when they provide structure and intense care. You need to make sure that the rehab program youre looking at has 24/7 support to help you through all phases of the process. You probably feel a bit isolated fragile detached and disconnected right now. Having the structure and stabilization of a rehab team around you will give you a sense of balance. A successful inpatient drug rehab center uses four phases to bring you to full recovery. Phase 1: A successful program uses the expertise of several fields to evaluate what you need. They then put together a plan that includes goals education awareness building community support options and sponsorship. Your plan will be integral to your success. Phase 2: Inpatient treatment is there to encourage you toward success. If you are in a program that fosters success you will see a change in your cravings and your ability to handle these cravings. Your relationships will change for the better. You should see the achievement of your goals become possible when before they seemed impossible.

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In this phase you will learn to self-regulate through therapy and structure. You will learn to guide your own life apart from whatever was controlling your life before. Phase 3: A great inpatient drug rehab program will create an aftercare plan for you. Your time in a care facility isnt over when you leave their doors. They should have a continued plan ready and check-in appointments to keep you on track for your future success. Phase 4: A good alumni program with supports for future vocation and educational goals is a must. The best rehab programs have a similar feature. What Else Should You Ask Yourself About Inpatient Drug Rehab You should look for an inpatient drug rehab program that fits you. You might have specific goals for yourself. Or you may not. But not every program is the same. What Do You Expect Your expectations can be important when determining success. If you expect to never have a need for treatment adjustment then youre going to have unrealistic expectations. In fact the relapse rates for addiction treatment are very similar to other chronic diseases. Your expectation of treatment success should be the same as when you go to your doctor for treatment. There are in fact higher rates of relapse in the treatment of things like asthma and hypertension than there are in the treatment of addiction. So if a program lists their rate of success make sure its within normal levels. Short Term Or Long Term How long is the program This can depend on the type of treatment you are receiving. If you are in rehab for treatment through methadone 12 months is the minimum. But this might not be inpatient care.

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The best outcome happens in a more than 90-day program. But with multiple treatment methods you might see a faster recovery. Do They Use Drug Substitution Sometimes we do need to manage parts of our lives with prescriptions. But not always will this be beneficial. There is more than one way to treat drug addiction. And each person is different in how they react to the world and how they succeed in life. Drug substitution should not be the only go-to treatment an inpatient drug rehab facility uses. If this is their only go-to then consider a different program. Do They Have A Plan To Help With Your Cravings One major aspect of dealing with addiction is cravings management. When you become addicted to drugs you are substituting the drugs for something your body craves. Until your body and mind learn to crave healthy things your cravings for the substances you abused will have to be managed. A great inpatient drug rehab program will use multiple ways of managing your cravings. These could include diet plans and exercise plans. Is Nutrition A Part Of Their Plan When you abuse substances you most likely do not take care of your body. You have probably learned some pretty bad habits when it comes to your nutrition and exercise. Nutritional support is important for recovery and addiction treatment. If your body isnt functioning correctly if youre not getting the right nutrients you will experience worse cravings. a great inpatient drug rehab program includes a nutrition plan and education on nutrition. Because once youre back out there you need to know how to take care of your body. And a bit part of avoiding relapse is taking care of your body. Do They Teach Life Skills Addiction can degrade your ability to cope with the real world. A lot of people who experience addiction end up unemployed or underemployed. A great program will help you regain the dignity of employment and function in daily society.

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Some programs just focus on the addiction itself. But a great program approaches your treatment holistically. From your recovery to your send off they should be preparing you for a future of success. They should be interested in setting up a support structure both during treatment and after treatment. They should understand that treatment doesnt stop once you leave their doors. Article Courtesy of Muse Los Angeles Drug Rehab