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It is better to take the help of professionals if you are thinking to make a beautiful lawn. They are well informed of the process and benefits of lawn care. Call at 613-889-1412 for complete information.


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Welcome to Murray Landscaping Landscaping & Excavation Specialists

About Murray Landscaping :

About Murray Landscaping We are Industry experts in serving landscaping & excavation Ottawa. We used an extensive variety of services to keep your property looking orderly and elegant. We have dedicated individuals to complete your work in a safe and timely manner. Call Now to get a quote and to save your time and money.

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Property Maintenance Excavation Service Lawn Care Our Services

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Property Maintenance We offer the best residential property maintenance services to customers. Get the best service via connecting with us. We are providing many residential services in Ottawa such as : Lawn cutting Spring & Fall cleanup Core Aeration Seeding & fertilization If you are searching for the correct people for your business or private yard care and arranging needs, Murray Landscaping is where you search ends. 

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Excavation Service Murray Landscaping is the best Excavation Companies in Ottawa to get heavy equipment on rental with experienced operators. We are the professional excavating contractor that offered services to both commercial and residential clients. We always used the best equipment to get the job done faster . We offer many Service: Pool Fill Ins Trenching and Backfilling Septic System Installation Foundation Waterproofing Grading and Soil Preparation We believe in offering a quality finished product in every project. We are all about customer satisfaction and the process it takes to get to the end result .

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Lawn Care Being one of the best Ottawa lawn care companies, we give own garden upkeep and care administrations running from yard cutting to treatment. Keeping your garden green, dynamic, sound, and free of weeds is the work of specialists. Our group gives general administrations intended to guarantee that your grass remains to look great year-round . Here are some signs, which forces you to call lawn care service executive: Huge Yard Lawn Pests Brown Grass Seasonal Damage Removing Overgrown Features Professional lawn care service will conveniently take away the worry and hassle from you that how your yard looks. 

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Make Lawn Beautiful with Murray Landscaping

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How To Maintain Your Lawn During Summers   Watering Foot Traffic Mowing Fertilizing If your lawn is struggling to look healthy in the midst of the summer heat, resist the urge to fertilize. Taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps shade the earth, preventing weed seeds from growing. The areas where a lot of foot traffic is seen in your lawn tend to wear and tear, specifically during hot and dry season You have to maintain a balance and ensure that you do not drown it with too much water neither should you keep it dry during a heat-wave. 

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Benefits Of Hiring Professionals for Lawn Care     Save Your Time Advanced Lawn Care Service Unmatched Quality Of Work  By hiring professional lawn care services you will be able to save a lot of your time that you would otherwise spend in maintaining your lawn Comprehensive knowledge about grass types, irrigation and soil is essential to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn. Our Professionals provide services like weeding, tree pruning, mulching, edging, gardening, seeding etc. 

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Get In Touch With Us (613)889-1412 Call Info @ Email Id Website 2419 Rosewood Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 7L3, Canada Address

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