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hi matt i think you have a very nice powerpiont here and i like the way you have linked all your image to go to different slides. but i think you need more icons so you can go back a slide and not just the next slide :) many thanks bondl

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Welcome To Red Letter Days : 

Welcome To Red Letter Days - to the home of unforgettable experiences.

What will it be for you? : 

What will it be for you? Here at Red Letter Days we offer a great wide range of activities to keep you and your family entertained. From water skiing to parachuting to relaxing in a spa. We offer a great amount of activities for you and your family to enjoy and never forget! What will you choose?. . .

Experience Categories : 

Experience Categories ‘The home of unforgettable experiences’. Click the picture to see the different Air Experiences we offer. Click the picture to see our range of Vehicle Experiences we offer. Click here to see the range of Water Experiences we offer. These are the main categories that have been highly rated by our previous customers.

Air Experiences : 

Air Experiences Give someone special a wonderful opportunity to take to skies on an amazing flying experience day. We have flying experiences and flying days to suit everyone with our exciting skydiving, bungee jumping and hot air ballooning. Simply choose one of our unique flying gifts and lift someone's spirits with unforgettable flying days and experiences that will leave their heads in the clouds.

Vehicle Experiences : 

Vehicle Experiences Give your favourite car fanatic an amazing driving day experience to remember with a high octane motorsport day. Our adrenaline-fuelled range of driving days and driving experiences feature Ferrari driving, Rally driving and high speed Go-karting. Make dreams come true with our driving days available at famous race tracks throughout the UK for the ultimate driving experience.

Water Experiences : 

Water Experiences Here at Red Letter Days there are a wide range of water activities. Choose from White water rafting, Jet Skiing, and wakeboarding. All of our water activities last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Choose an action-packed watersport activity day for an amazing gift adventure on the high seas. For anyone who has sea legs and loves the water, our selection of watersport gifts is perfect.

Skydiving : 

Skydiving Skydiving has to be the ultimate adrenaline challenge. Falling out of a plane from 10,000 feet will test your nerve like no other experience. Luckily you're strapped to a skydiving expert who will help you jump (or at least help you fall with style)! The sensation of freefall is truly mind blowing - it has to be experienced to be believed. Purchase this experience.

Bungee Jumping : 

Bungee Jumping To get the maximum adrenaline rush possible, why not climb into the clouds and throw yourself over the edge. After being helped into the bungee harness with thorough safety checks, you’ll be hoisted up to the head-swimming heights of 300ft. With the wind in your face and your heart pounding in your chest, the ground below seems like a distant mirage, then it's time to jump. Four seconds of freefall and the most intense bungee on these shores will leave you thoroughly and intensely thrilled! Purchase this experience.

Hot Air Ballooning : 

Hot Air Ballooning With this experience it'll be you in the basket of the balloon, looking down as everyone else is still waking up. First off with your feet still firmly on the ground, you'll meet your pilot and get a flight safety briefing, before helping to prepare and inflate the balloon then climb into the basket, ready for launching. Flying at heights of up to 5,000 feet, you'll gaze down at the beautiful views. Purchase this experience.

Rally Driving : 

Rally Driving It's fast, furious and often seems barely in control. Well, find out for yourself behind the wheel of a superb specially-prepared rally car. Discover the secrets of skid control, break control, and up and over steer techniques on a special loose or tarmac rally stage. Your experience begins with a short safety briefing followed by familiarisation laps, driven by a qualified instructor. Then you'll take the wheel of your fearsome vehicle on a tarmac rally or gravel stage. Purchase this experience.

Go-Karting : 

Go-Karting Try karting for an evening of fast and furiously competitive fun. This fantastic outdoor circuit is where a lot of top F1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, first got into racing before being lured away by the big bucks. You'll be behind the wheel of a Pro 390cc Kart, which reaches speeds of up to 70mph. Purchase this experience.

Ferrari Driving : 

Ferrari Driving Discover the phenomenal acceleration and handling of Maranello’s breathtaking beauties with our wide range of Ferrari driving experiences. Take the driving seat of the legendary 400bhp Ferrari 360, which can reach speeds of up to 183mph and has a 0-60 mph time of just 4.3 seconds. You'll drive the car for three laps of Silverstone's Southern Circuit, giving you the opportunity to experience raw power of the Ferrari. Purchase this experience.

Wake Boarding : 

Wake Boarding This sport is so cool, lots of people have yet to learn about it. In fact it's the fastest growing water sport in the country. You‘ll be pulled across the water by hanging onto a cable, but unlike water-skiing you're attached to a single wide board and it's also a bit slower. So it's perfect for anyone who wants to try a new sport and doesn't mind getting very wet indeed. You'll start off knee-boarding, which will help you get to grips with the basics and put the theory into practice. Purchase this experience.

White Water Rafting : 

White Water Rafting Rediscover your sense of adventure and what it's like to be soaked to the skin! with this white water rafting experience in an inflatable six to eight person raft. You'll start by being kitted out with all the equipment, before a full safety briefing and instruction in rafting techniques. Then an experienced guide will take you onto the water for a series of runs down the breathtaking twists, turns and drops of the white water course. It's an adrenaline-fuelled, exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Purchase this experience.

Jet Skiing : 

Jet Skiing Test your steering, balance, and speed – but hold on tight as these machines have a habit of aquaplaning and throwing you off when you least expect it! Get yourself on board a jet ski and blast yourself across the water at speeds capable of 70kmh, feel the ski grip the edge of the water like a roller coaster on rails, not for the faint hearted, all training and instructions, wet suits and Buoyancy aids supplied. There is nothing quite like this experience which guarantees an adrenaline fuelled hour. Purchase this experience.

Thank You : 

Thank You Thank you very much for your purchase of one of our unforgettable experiences. On behalf of Red Letter Days we hope you have an unforgettable, very enjoyable time on your experience. Please come back soon ! . . .

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