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A Legal Relationship With Everyone Who Visits The Website Regardless Of Whether They Buy Anything, Avail Any Services Or Even Identify Themselves.


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About Us Taxolawgy is an online marketplace for providing highest quality of Legal and Financial services in the most transparent environment at affordable rates, while opening global business opportunities for experts like Advocates, CA, CS, etc.

Website Agreement:

Website Agreement

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A website agreement mentions the terms and conditions of usage which are to be compulsorily followed by the website users. Most importantly a web agreement provides details of the license of copyrights. It helps in creating a legal relationship with everyone who visits the website regardless of whether they buy anything, avail any services or even identify themselves. Website agreements are legally binding and subject to change without notice. A Website Agreement

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Terms And Conditions On A Website The manner and the way used to collect information Mention privacy policy separately, if any Terms of service are needed to be specified in case of online sales of goods and services Specify applicable taxes on the purchase Terms of intellectual property protection of the website License clause to restrict the user from copying data from the website Conditions applicable to interacting with other users and posting comments Clauses to the Jurisdiction of any legal proceeding Terms of cancellation and refund

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Benefits Of The Terms And Conditions For The Website Prevents Abuses : The terms and conditions act as a legally binding contract between you and the users. The privacy policy agreement informs users what kind of data they can collect and use. In this agreement, you can provide the necessary details to inform users of the guidelines for using your website. As a result of which the abusive contents are reduced to a huge extent. Own your content : As a website owner, you are the owner of your logo, content (excluding the user-generated content) etc. In the terms and conditions, you can inform users that you are the exclusive owner of such contents and no one has the right to copy the same as it’s protected by copyrights .   Liability: The terms and conditions agreement usually include a disclaimer that limits the website owner’s liability in cases where discrepancies are found in the contents on that website. These clauses assist in notifying users that owner cannot be responsible for any errors in the content presented, or for the information provided is accurate, complete or suitable for any purpose.

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Privacy Policy Includes The privacy policy is dependent upon the function of the website, the information which is gathered and how it’s used. There are a number of things which needs to be included in a privacy policy, few of them are as follows: The accurate information that will be collected from website users (names, email address, contact information etc.) The method in which information is collected for example survey, online quizzes etc. The manner in which the information will be used and whom will it be shared with. How protection is provided to user information How to opt-out of data sharing and the consequences.

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Is having a privacy policy mandatory Yes , having a privacy policy is mandatory as per the law. All the different laws in the world make it a compulsion when you collect personal information of website visitors to have a privacy policy. Therefore, it is always advised to have a privacy policy so that no uninvited loss is suffered by the organization either because of legal penalty or non-compliance.

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