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The term ‘license’ is defined under the Indian Easement Act 1882 as permission granted for a particular activity on a property. A licensing agreement in simple words is a contract made between two parties where the owner of property permits another to use that property under certain conditions. The licensing agreement typically involves a licensor (Property owner) and a licensee (the person who is given the property). The property can be tangible or intangible. LICENSING AGREEMENT

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Firstly, trademark agreement Copyright agreement Also,  end-user licensing agreement  in case of software Music licensing Service licensing Brand licensing Types Of Licensing Agreement There are different types of agreements in India. Moreover, most of them are related to the basic concept of such an agreement. Here are a few types:

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Benefits Of An Agreement Firstly, it gives authority to the party that owns the product The agreement also makes clear how to use the product/service. Lastly, the agreement protects the rights of all the parties involved.

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Contents of a Licensing Agreement Firstly, make sure to mention the duration of the agreement. The money involved. Also, the terms and conditions as per your requirements. Furthermore, make sure to mention a mechanism to resolve a dispute if it happens in the future. Guidelines to the Termination of the agreement Lastly, the terms of renewal. You can also add more clauses depending on your requirements.

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Documents Required for Registration As per the law, the documents are required to be submitted by attaching the same to a form named Form 16. The documents to be submitted along with it are: A document which gives evidence of transfer of patent. The document affecting proprietorship or creating interest. Two copies of the assignment certified by the applicant. Any other document which may be required by the controller.

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Drafting Process Drafting a  licensing agreement  is a rigorous task to be least. Every phrase and clause has to be written with the utmost attention. While you can do it yourself or with the help of an expert, that’ll be far from your best bet. At Taxolawgy you can  find the experts  that suit your needs. We have the cheapest options as well as the best ones in the business. Furthermore, Taxolawgy believes in little to no paperwork and the entire process is online. The best part is that you get all of this at a very reasonable rate.

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Registration Fees of Licensing Agreement  E filing Natural persons and start-ups- 1600 Small entity, alone with natural persons or start-ups etc. – 4000 Others alone with natural persons or start-ups or small entities – 8000   Physical filing Natural persons and start-ups- 1750 Small entity, alone with natural persons or start-ups etc. – 4400 Others alone with natural persons or start-ups or small entities- 8800  

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Risks of not making a licensing agreement   The dangers are the same for both the licensors and the licensee. With the help of an agreement both the parties know how to approach an intellectual property failing to make one puts the parties in the danger of loss of time and money along with a failure in business negotiation.

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