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A will is a legal document that communicates how a person wishes to dispose of his property on account of his death. A person may make multiple wills but the one which is held valid and relevant is the last one made before his death. When you don’t want your properties to devolve as per the laws of inheritance but as per your wishes will help you in achieving that. WILL

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Prohibits family disputes Property is shared as per the wishes of the creator of the will All assets are revealed Business legacy remains intact Charity (if you made any or want to donate your entire / part of properties ). Advantages of a Will

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Register a ‘Will’ in India Before the process of registration is discussed it is very important to note that there are certain rules which needs to be compiled so as to be eligible for making a will. The testator must be 18 years old. The testator must not be mentally challenged while making the will. Testator, if is visually impaired or vocally challenged, can draw up a will as per the Indian Succession Act, 1925.

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Draft a Will You can yourself make a ‘Will’, however, drafting a will is a tedious task as it requires a lot of information like the entire details of the properties, the full details of the testator and the beneficiary. Many other things need to be ensured, such as the eligibility to make a will, registration fee, etc. A legal expert is required to draft the will without any ambiguity. We at Taxolawgy provide a list of experts who can draft the will for you after you provide them with just the basic details.

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Procedure for registration: Draft a will by consulting a legal expert of Taxolawgy . Make an appointment in Sub-registrar office for registration. Make payment of registration fees. Visit the sub-registrar office with two witnesses. Collect the registered copy in a week.  

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What happens if I don’t make a will? If someone dies without making will chances are a pandemonium might occur with respect to the division of their assets and families may enter litigating against each other for acquiring a larger share. In order to prevent such mishaps, it’s better to make a will.  

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How does Taxolawgy help you with any issue related to Will? - Provides free consultation by our team of experts - Connects with highly qualified lawyers, who: Help you draft Wills hassle-free Solve all your queries Help you submit the correct paperwork.


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