Low back pain in computer professionals


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Lower back pain in computer professionals:

Lower back pain in computer professionals Dr Hemant K. Kalyan MBBS, MS(Orth), DOrtho, FCPS, DSportsMed(Edin) Consultant in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Bangalore ;

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Schematic cross-section of an inter-vertebral disc Herniated disc

Causal factors for back pain…:

Causal factors for back pain… Spinal fracture Herniated disc TB spine Mechanical low back pain - Diagnosis of exclusion – 75-80% of cases. Spinal Fracture Herniated Disc TB Spine

Trigger factors:

Trigger factors Excessive load on normal back Long / erratic hours Poor workplace ergonomics Stress: Physical, mental and emotional Travel

Trigger factors (contd)…:

Normal load on weak or unprepared back Fatigue Improper posture/ chronic malpositioning Lack of exercise, poor physical conditioning Weight control problems Poor posture Trigger factors (contd)…

Three phases of management strategy…:

Three phases of management strategy… Treatment of acute episodes. Amelioration of chronic condition. Prevention of exacerbation/ reinjury.

The case against protracted rest:

The case against protracted rest Deconditioning: Loss of muscle strength and endurance C hance of micro traumatic injury Protracts recurrent episodes Maintains chronic disability Decreased flexibility Adversely modifies spinal biomechanics Physiology of disc hydration affected “Avoid pill popping”

Exercise - for which patients?:

Exercise - for which patients? Central focus in 95% cases “YES” in mechanical causes “NO” in non-mechanical causes

Exercise types…:

Exercise types… Back-specific exercises Peri-pelvic and LL flexibility and strengthening Aerobic conditioning Double knee to chest stretch

Pelvic tilt:

Pelvic tilt Some exercises for the back… Lower trunk rotation stretch

Trunk Flexion Stretch:

Trunk Flexion Stretch Trunk flexion stretch Prone lumbar extension Some exercises for the back…

Alternate Prone Leg Extension:

Alternate Prone Leg Extension Alternate prone leg extension Aerobic conditioning

Abdominal Strengthening:

Abdominal Strengthening Abdominal strengthening

Lower Limb Stretches:

Lower Limb Stretches Lower limb stretches

Complementary therapy:

Complementary therapy Back hygiene and back school Correction of biomechanical factors Posture Weight control

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Weight training Yoga


Yoga The right chair Counter height

Working Posture:

Working Posture Posture at work The right posture…

Sitting Posture:

Sitting Posture Sitting posture Forward bending

Pulling an Object:

Pulling an Object Pulling an object

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