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Rank Indicator Online Test Series is especially made online AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exams. There are FIVE tests, exactly on the pattern of AIIMS exam. Each test comprises of 60 Physics Questions (40 MCQs + 20 A&R) 60 Biology Questions (40 MCQs + 20 A&R) 60 Chemistry Questions (40 MCQs + 20 A&R) 20 General Knowledge MCQs GET IT NOW:


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How to Attempt AIIMS Online Test?:

MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. How to Attempt AIIMS Online Test?

AIIMS is an Online Exam:

AIIMS is an Online Exam Follow these instructions to avoid unwanted errors & lead the score board.

Listen To The Invigilator Carefully:

Listen To The Invigilator Carefully AIIMS exam is an online exam. Where you can select any of the sections to attempt first. But, always listen & follow invigilators instructions carefully.

Is It Necessary To Solve AIIMS Paper In Sequence?:

Is It Necessary To Solve AIIMS Paper In Sequence? No, it is not compulsory to solve AIIMS exam paper in sequence. You can pick any section to solve, but yes, its questions will come on sequence.

How to solve lengthy Questions?:

How to solve lengthy Questions? When you attempt lengthy questions. Try to solve them at once. Avoid adding them in review section for further review. As this is an online exam. You have to solve it again if you leave it in the middle. So, always try to solve it at once to save time & effort.

How To Do Rough Work?:

How To Do Rough Work? You need to do rough work for calculative questions. Ask invigilator that if you will get rough work sheet or not. In rough sheet, mark proper spacing & do a neat work to avoid confusion while saving answer.

How to Solve Tough Questions?:

How to Solve Tough Questions? For tough questions If you know you can solve it, then go for it Otherwise Leave them To save time & unnecessary efforts As doubtful questions can lead to negative marking also.

How To Save Attempted Answers?:

How To Save Attempted Answers? There are two options, when you attempt questions – Review & Save. Either you can leave attempted question for later review or save them. Your answers will not get saved until you press save. If you mark them as review, you can see them in review section. Saved answers reflect in save sections. You can see review & saved answers in right side of your screen in different colors.


Follow these Tips & be prepared for AIIMS Exam


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