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Apollo Kaylee Guadron

Son of Zeus:

Son of Zeus Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. He has an older twin sister, Artemis, goddess of the hunt. He is known as the god of light, music, and prophecy.

Apollo's Portrayal:

Apollo's Portrayal Apollo is usually portrayed as a handsome young man (usually blonde and beardless), and is usually carrying a lyre or a bow and arrows.


Traits Apollo has both good and evil traits. There is not much known about his personality, but he is said to be calm and protective. When he is angered, he can be ruthless. Traits He is also said to be the most beautiful amongst the gods.

Apollo's Love:

Apollo's Love Apollo once fell in love with a beautiful nymph named Daphone, but she could not return his love and turned into a tree. Apollo's Love He also had many love affairs like his father, Zeus. Apollo's Love He also fell in love with his own gender. He once fell in love with a Spartan prince called Hyacinthus. Apollo's Love He abducted Sinope and she bore him a child, Syrus.

Apollo's Names:

Apollo's Names Apollo has various names: Pythios, Delphinian, Loxias, Pheobus, Far-Darter, Iatros, Lukeios, Daphnephoros, and more. Artemis once asked her father, Zeus, to give her many names like Apollo.


Literature Apollo can be found in literature today. Such as the story where he falls in love with a beautiful nymph, called Daphone. There is also the story of when he allowed his son to ride his chariot to drive the sun. Authors have also been inspired to rewrite the stories of Apollo.

Fun Facts:

Fun Facts Apollo's animals are the crow, the raven, the dolphin, the lion, the hawk, and the swan. Fun Facts He built a city for one of his lovers which is now modern day Libya. Fun Facts Apollo killed an ally of Zeus, a Cyclopes, when Zeus killed on of his sons. Fun Facts A daily task of his was to drive the sun across the sky. Fun Facts It is said that he has at least 50 children.



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