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Artemis Precious Sam Ihedioha

All about Artemis:

All about Artemis Artemis was the goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals. All about Artemis She was the twin sister of the god Apollo All about Artemis Artemis was also the bringer of disease and death. She targets girls and women.


Description Leto and Zeus were in love with each other and together they bore Artemis and Apollo. Description Artemis was depicted with a crescent on her forehead Description Artemis was also virgin goddess.

Birth of Artemis :

Birth of Artemis Artemis was born one day before her brother Apollo. Leto gave birth to in the island of Ortygia where immediately she helped her mother walk the straits over Delos where there Leto gave birth to Apollo. From that day on Artemis played her role as the guardian of young children and women during labor. She was a watcher of women during labor but said that the arrows of Artemis can bring can bring death after giving birth.


Deeds Artemis was armed with a bow and arrows made by Hephaestus and the Cyclopes. Deeds Artemis at the age of three she asked Zeus to grant her eternal virginity. Deeds Artemis was very protective of her purity. In fact when Actaeon the legendary huntsman saw Artemis and the nymphs bathing naked in a pool she turned him into a stag.

Lover :

Lover Artemis was in love with a hunter named Orion who was said to be killed by accident by Artemis and made a constellation in the sky in his honor.

The Great Bear:

The Great Bear Artemis was angry when one of her nymphs Callisto had sex with Zeus but she did not know because Zeus came in the form of Artemis. As a result Castillo gave birth to a son named Arcas. Though Castillo was tricked, Artemis showed no mercy and turned her in a bear. She then shot and killed and turned her into a constellation in the sky which is now called The Great Bear.

Dark side of Artemis:

Dark side of Artemis Artemis was a very possessive goddess, hostile when others oppose her wishes. The hero Agamemnon came across Artemis’ wrath when he killed a stag in her sacred grove. His punishment came upon him when his ships were motionless when he went on his voyage to besiege Troy. Artemis was willing to sent wind to Agamemnon’s ship if he were to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia which he actually did but some say Artemis exchanged a deer in her place.

Brother and Sister power:

Brother and Sister power Artemis along with Apollo killed all the children of Niobe because she boasted to Leto that she gave birth to more children which made her superior to Leto. Outraged by their mother’s insult Apollo and Artemis took their bow and arrows and killed the all of the children of Niobe. Artemis killed all the girls while Apollo killed all the boys.

Worship and Festivals:

Worship and Festivals Most cities in Greece worship Artemis as a minor deity. But in Turkey she is a well known deity. In Ephesus there is a temple built in her honor. In Ephesus she is worshipped mainly as a fertility goddess. There are festivals held in Brauron in Artemis’ honor such as Brauronia of the festival of Artemis Orthia held in Sparta.