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Political Parties:

Political Parties

Opening Activity:

Opening Activity You are given two post-it notes. Write two facts that you know about political parties Post it on the whiteboard when you are finished. I will give you 5 minutes. Afterwards, you will get in groups of 2-4 and discuss what you wrote.

What is a Political Party?:

What is a Political Party? In your same groups, define what a political party is. Why do we have political parties? List two reasons why you believe this country has political parties. Be prepared to share your answers with the rest of the class.

What is a Political Party? (cont.):

What is a Political Party? (cont.) A political party is a group of office holders, candidates, activists, and voters who come together under a group label and push to elect individuals who agree with their beliefs. Ex. Democrats and Republicans Government Party- office holders and candidates who run for elections/positions Organizational Party- activists who put together the party’s organization Party in the Electorate- voters who associate with a certain party

Evaluate this political cartoon. Explain what you see. :

Evaluate this political cartoon. Explain what you see.

One Party in America:

One Party in America George Washington warned of a country with divided parties. 1796 was first Presidential election to have competing parties ( Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans) What do you notice about the map to the right?

Two-Party America:

Two-Party America Began after George Washington’s farewell address Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans Whigs vs. Democrats Republicans vs. Northern Democrats vs. Southern Democrats Republicans vs. Democrats

Stop and Check!:

Stop and Check! Create a Venn diagram and distinguish the similarities and differences between the platforms of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. After you are done, share your graphic organizer with your group members.

Functions of the American Parties:

Functions of the American Parties Getting support Coalition- A group that share the same interests and come together to elect public officials. Stability Unity Competitive Identify Promote National Party Platform- statement of the general philosophy and goals of a political party. Ex: Democratic Platform, Republican Platform

Structure of Political Parties:

Structure of Political Parties National National convention, national committee State State conventions, congressional district committees Local Volunteers, voters, city and county officials

Create a Poster:

Create a Poster Create a poster that includes the different functions of the American political party system. Work in groups of 3-4 Make it nice! You will be presented it with the whole class.


Review How would you describe an American political party? What is your opinion of the two-party system in the United States?

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