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The first reason people went exploring was curiosity. The explorers wanted to know more about the world. They wanted to find new places and discover new things. What is something you have been curious about? Curiosity


Another reason people went exploring was fame. The explorers wanted to become famous for their accomplishments. They wanted to name the new places they found and maybe even have books written about them like Marco Polo. Fame


People also went exploring to spread their religions. Your religion is your set of beliefs about God or gods and how people should live their lives. Countries wanted to spread their religious beliefs around the world. The explorers were Christian and wanted people in distant places to become Christian too. Religion

New Trade Routes:

Explorers were looking for new trade routes. They wanted to find new ways to reach the Indies. There were valuable things to trade for in the Indies and the paths merchants had to travel to reach there were long and dangerous. Beginning with Christopher Columbus, explorers were looking for a way to travel west to reach the Indies. New Trade Routes


Explorers were also looking for wealth. They wanted to become wealthy by finding new riches and treasures. They also wanted their countries to become wealthy and powerful. If you discovered a treasure, what would you use the wealth for? Wealth

National Pride:

Explorers were proud of the countries who sponsored their trips. When explorers landed in new places, they claimed that land for their country. New Lands made their countries more wealthy and powerful. National Pride

Foreign Goods:

Explorers wanted to discover new items. They wanted to bring back the new items they found to sell. Explorers found new foods, new types of clothing, and new inventions. These discoveries helped make them and their countries wealthy. Foreign Goods

The 7 reasons people went exploring were…:

Curiosity Fame Religion New Trade Routes Wealth National Pride Foreign Goods The 7 reasons people went exploring were…