5 Best Historical Places for Luxurious Tours in India


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Here is the list of most famous historical places for luxury tour in India- Red Fort, Khajuraho Temples, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, and Fatehpur Sikri. source: http://indialuxurytours.over-blog.com/2019/10/5-best-historical-places-for-luxurious-tours-in-india.html


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5 Best Historical Places for Luxurious Tours in India Luxury Tour in India ​ is incomplete without a tour to luxurious Historical places. These historical places represent the history culture and splendid heritage of the country along with stunning craftsmanship on stones seen in many temples and monuments. The Taj Mahal Red Fort Khajuraho temples are among the ​famous historical places ​ where people from all over the world visit out of curiosity.

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1. Luxury Red Fort Tour in India Red Fort is a World UNESCO Heritage Site. The construction of Red Fort took like ten years from 1638 to 1648. The Red Fort was built after Shah Jahan The Mughal Emperor shifted his capital Agra to Delhi. The Fort was residence of Shah Jahan and popularly known as Qila-e-Mubarak. The shape of the Fort is Octagonal built with white limestones and later painted in Red to keep it crack free due to harsh weather conditions in India. Due to its unique architectural features it draws many travelers to have a luxury tour in India. Unknown Fact: ​ The Red Fort is made up of white limestone but painted red by the Britishers to make it crack free. Timings: ​ 9.30 am- 4.30 pm remains closed on Mondays

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Major Attraction: ​The Rang Mahal which is said to be a residence of the emperors wives mistresses and maids. 2. Luxury Khajuraho Temples Tour in India Khajuraho Temples a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in the town of Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh ranked as one of the best historical places for luxury tour in India. Chandel rulers build the temples between the 10th -12th centuries in the dense forests which were later discovered in the 19th century only. These temples are located on the tributaries of Ken River reflecting various statues and sculptures of the Hindu traditional values of Dharma Artha Kama and Moksha. Unknown Fact: ​ The name Khajuraho had been derived from a fruit named date palms or say Khajura which means date. In ancient times the city in which these temples built was also known as Khajurpura.

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Timings: ​ Sunrise to Sunset. Major Attraction: ​The mid-night sound and light show of the struggles of the Chandela Dynasty. 3. Luxury Taj Mahal Tour in India Taj Mahal ​ is a World Heritage Site also included in the list of seven wonders of the world. It was built in the lovable memory of Shah Jahans wife Mumtaj Mahal. It represents the age-old architecture and construction took over 22 years to get completed entirely with white marbles.

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Unknown fact: ​ Being inspired by The Taj Mahal there is a hotel and shopping mall constructed in Dubai which is approximately 4 times larger in size than The Taj Mahal. Timings: ​ The Taj Mahal gets open early in the morning till sunset remain closed on Fridays. Major Attraction: ​ The Taj Mahal looks damn beautiful in dim lights at night and attracts tourists from all over the world. 4. Luxury Qutub Minar Tour in India

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Qutb-ud-din Aibak built Qutub Minar and one of the luxurious historical places for luxury tour in India. It is known as the ancient tallest tower in the world stands at the height of 240ft. The tower represents the architecture of Indo-Muslim art. The red sandstone stories of Qutub Minar are embellished with verses of The Quran in Arabic. Unknown fact: ​ The Qutub Minar stands on 2000 years old iron pillars which have been not rusted till date. Timings: ​ 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Major Attraction: ​ The every evening Decorative Light Show at Qutub Minar and the Qutub Minar Festival which held only in October/November. 5. Luxury Fatehpur Sikri Tour in India

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Fatehpur Sikri located at a distance of approx. 40km to the west of Agra was once the capital of the Mughal emperor Akbar. In the 16th century it was served as a short time capital of the Mughal Empire. But it had to be deserted due to some specific issues mainly water. Inside the palace one access to various courtyards pavilions and audience halls which reflect the pure ancient artistic skills achieved during the Mughal era. Unknown fact: ​ The popular Tomb of Sufi Saint Chisti in Fatehpur Sikri where infertile women visit to pray for children. Timings: ​ Sunrise to sunset remain closed on Fridays Major Attraction ​: Diwan-i-Aam and the Diwan-i-Khas where the emperor used to address the ordinary people as well as the royals. I hope you have loved reading the article and shortlist some historical places for your next luxury historical visit in India.